Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Letter 38 - Jesús es mi luz!

Hola mi familia preciosa! Les amo mucho! No puedo esperar hasta el 25 para poder hablar con ustedes. 

Well, this week was super great!

Monday night we had a great lesson with Jose. He is 16 and wants to be baptized.. but, his mom doesnt want him to get baptized.. but, we said a pray with him and gave him advice of how to tell his mom. Then we went to visit him on Tuesday and his mom said that he could be baptized! He was so happy! He was crying when he told us! He wants to be baptized on the 22nd of this month. It is a monday and his birthday. We asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said he just wants to be baptized! It was so cool! The Gospel really does change lives. I am a witness. Then we went to the house of Venicio. He is a Menos Activo and his wife isnt a member. We shared El es la dadviva. It is the church inciative right now. Then I sang Where can I turn for peace. The spirit was SO strong and every one was crying! Then at like 830 two men on a motorcycle follow us! They were saying Canchi! Canchi! Saludarme! So we cut through the park.. but, right when we exited they were waiting and put the motorcycle in front of us. So, we walked really fast to this house of a menos activa and waited for a bit. It was scary. My companion told me that men here like me a lot more than her other companion.. haha I was flattered and a little bit freaked out all at the same time haha Also, a guy tried to kiss me! My companion said I looked like spiderman or the karate kid because I freaked out!

On Tuesday I only have 100 days until I hit a year! Time is too fast! We had our zone meeting too! It was so good! We shared our testimonies about our baptism! Then we went to The Familia Brans house and he has been looking for work for ever! He said that finally! A guy offered him a job but, it required him to work sundays.. so he turned it down! I was so proud of him! Then we went with Edgar and Brenda. Edgar is an investigator and Brenda is a menos activa. Edgar told me that ever since I got here he can tell a difference and that he can feel the importance of this message. That made me feel good.

Then on Wednesday we got to go to Quilinco! It is really far away at the top of a mountain! The elders that share our area are located there. but, they asked us to help them out with one of their investigators. It is so beautiful there! You can pretty much see everything from the top! Then we went to Renes house to bring him in his wife to a noche de hogar. When we entered, Daniela started to cry and said that they have so many problems and a lot of other stuff. Satan is really attacking them because he doesnt want Rene to be baptized. But, then we prayed with them and went to the noche de hogar and everything was great!

Then on thursday we went to a lesson with Jose and Rosi. Rosi had a booger and Jose picked it for her! haha it was so weird! It was in the middle of the lesson! You know when someone has a booger but, you dont want to make them feel bad so you dont tell them? It was one of those situations.. after he picked it my comp and I were dying laughing and I was crying! She said why did you do that? haha it was hilarious. Then we had a lesson with Rene. Haha I have a DVD that has my name on it.. and he saw it a few days before that.. so, sometimes he calls me Natalie now. It is hilarious. But, you have to know him to understand. He just does it to mess around. But, he told us that he knows everything is true but, that he just doesnt have the desire to be baptized. He is SO close!!!!

Then on Friday in the morning we didnt have elecricity because Hermana Fabian was plugging her speakers into the wall last night and she got elecrticuted and all of our light went out! So we went to shower at our next door neighbors house. Then our landlord came to fix the light. He entered our house and was working... it was awkward because we arent supposed to be only with men in our house.. But, we didnt know what to do! haha Then we went to visit Julie she is 15 and pregnant. She told us she wants to be baptized on the 3rd of January! But, my favorite part of this day is that we went with Rene and just bore our testimonies! There is an extreme power in bearing testimonies. The spirit was so strong! He told us that he has been thinking and he wants to get baptized. He is going to tell us on the 31st of this month what day he will be baptized in January. I am so excited! He has been meeting with missionaries for 6 years!! Finally is his time to shine!

Then on Saturday I taught my second English class! We had 6 people come this time. It was so good! They are all motivated to learn english through the gospel!

Then on Sunday a man in our ward was hitting on me! He told me he wanted me to come to his house and a bunch of other weird stuff! A guy in our ward told us that he is really smart and that he knows 5 different languages and that thanks to studying so much he went crazy. He also proposed to the last gringa here in Chiantla.. uh oh. Then we had a fantastic lesson with Venicio and Mariola. They are going to start saying family prayers! Then when we were giving our numbers to the zone leaders at night, they said WHOA! You guys have had the best dats in the zone in these past three weeks! That made us feel great!

This week we had 19 lessons with members and only 3 without. The work is so much easier if we bring members with us! Ask the elders in our ward to go out with them! They will be thrilled!

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that this is HIS church. I know that the Book of Mormon is real and that we WILL get closer to God by abiding by its precepts more than any other book. I love this work. I love that I am helping people know about the road to their salvation.

I love you guys! I cant wait to talk to you next week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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