Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Letter 40 - ¨¡No! ¡Se Murió!¨

Hola mi familia tan chula!

Well, the title of this email comes from this morning! jaja I was talking to a girl on the phone trying to plan a cita with her. I thought she said that she was going to be living with her Grandma for the semana.. but, luckily we were on speaker phone. I said Where does your grandma live and we can come visit you there! and Hermana Fabian was in the backround saying NO! She died! haha it was so funny!

Pues, another semana has come and gone! How weird. I only have 5 cambios left... My release date is September 15th. But, I probably wont get home until the 17th. My mission is going way to fast. I just keep thinking that this is the only time in my life that I will be set apart as a full time single missionary! I cant waste any time! I love being a missionary too much!

Lunes we had a baptism! It went so well! Jose was so happy! After the baptism, the family of his girlfriend invited us over for dinner. At the end of the dinner Jose told everyone thank you and that this was the best birthday that he has had. He started to cry in the middle of it and couldnt finish what he was saying. It was really sweet. He will turn in his mission papers in one year! I love being a missionary!

Martes my companion and I made breakfast burritos for all of the missionaries in our zone. I think they appreciated it! Then in the night time all of the missionaries in Huehue went to central park and sang Christmas hymns. It was SO much fun! Then we stayed the night at my moms house haha Hermana Madrid and Hermana Marcheschi because there were no buses to go back to Chiantla after.

Miercoles one of our mas pilas investigadors told us that he wants some breathing room! I was so sad! and at midnight on the 24th EVERYONE sets off fireworks. It is SO cool! I woke up to take a video in the night.

Jueves I LOVED talking to you guys! It was so much fun to see your faces! Solo hay 5 meses mas hasta que hablemos otra vez! But we went to visit one of our menos activas in the tarde and she told us that she had an accident the night before.. but, we had a cita so we told her that we would come back after the cita. When we came back she explained that she had been drinking the night before with some friends and that they were on a motorcycle and that car hit them and that she flew off of the motorcycle and hit her head and her hip and that the car ran over her friend! They took the friend to the hospital but, Carolina didnt want to go becuase she had to work the next day. So, we called the Bishop and told him about the accident and told him that he needs to call her.. so we left but told her we would visit her in her house for our last appointment, When we went to her house she was balling and said she couldnt handle the pain anymore but, she was also talking weird. I think she had a concussion. We would be in the middle of a sentance with her and suddenly she would be a sleep! So, we called the Bishop and another man in the ward to come over to give her a blessing. They gave her the blessing but she was still crazy! Another woman came and gave her a shot to help deal with the pain. The woman pulled down her pants a bit and it was so purple and big! And Carolina had showed us her bloody pants before all of this! But, my companion and I were hysterical. I have never seen something that bad. The girl that gave the shot said that she thought that Carolina was going to die! My comp and I were crying a bit. We entered our house pretty late that night with permisison from our leaders.. but, we were hysterical! Our leaders were thinking about coming up to talk to us! But, we finally went to sleep at about midnight and we told the hermana Carolina that we would come firstr thing in the morning. I was expecting her to be dead honestly. But, she was SO much better!!!!!! This strengthen my testimony in the priesthood times 100!! I know that the priesthood power is real!

Viernes Rene told us that he knows he will be a member someday and that he just doesnt know when! AH! This investigator kills me!!!

Sunday was crazy! Jose was late to sacrament meeting so he didnt recieve the holy ghost! So, I sent a little girl up to the stand with a note that said Jose has to recieve the holy ghost and the bishop said no! So, we went into the hall and called our leaders to see what we should do and that said that he has to recieve the holy ghost because it had already been 8 days! so we told the bishop and he said that he didnt care what our leaders had to say and that Jose wont recieve the spirit until next sunday.. so we called our leaders again and they called the stake president and the stake president called our bishop and our bishop gave Jose the Holy Ghost.. I felt bad... but, with out the spirit baptism is incomplete!

Anyway! I hope you guys have a great semana!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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