Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Letter 39 - Feliz Navidad! Casi.

Hey Family!

This letter is going to be really short and sweet because we have a baptism tonight at 5 and have to be there at 4 in 10 mintues.

On Tuesday we had a choir practice with all of the missionaries in Huehue because we are going to sing in Parque Central tomorrow night.

On Wednesday we had the ward christmas party. The church really is the same every where. Rene came.. He found out my real name last week so every once in a while he will just start talking to me and use my first name to iniciate the conversation. I think it is funny.

On Thursday we had a meeting in Huhue because Presidente Duncan came. He is the area 70 for central america. It was SO good. The church has some big plans.. This is just my thought... but, I think in the near future they might make it a commandment for sisters to serve missions- but it is just my thought from all of the things that he said. He also said that Latinos are going to start serving in different areas of the world rather than just their countries. He also said that future missionaries need to be so strong because they are going to have more challenges and are going to have to sacrifice more. I was thinking about Brandon the whole entire time. He will be such a great missionary.

On friday I completed 9 months of my mission.

Then on Saturday we had another practice with all of the missionaries. I love them all so much! Then Edgar told us he knows the chrch is true and that he wants to be baptized! Whoo!

Then on Sunday we had lunch with Hermana Oralia and it was fish and I ate it anyway. I gagged the whole time. Then Louis told us that his dad wanted to meet with us. We were excited because his dad isnt a member.. so we went there... and he took us to dinner with his son. I felt bad because we broke the sabbath. I didnt know where he was going until we got there. but, we did manage to have a really spiritual lesson with him.

Then today we went to the Laguna Magdelana and Jose is going to be baptized tonight!

I got your package! I already opened up three because I was too excited to wait. I love you guys!

Also, at 4 on Thursday we will skype. Is that okay?

I love you guys!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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