Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Letter 32 - Barriletes!

Hola mi familia linda! Les amo mucho! Les extraño y espero que todo esta bien alla en los estados. Escuche que Obama esta haciendo cosas tan dificil. Estoy correcto? Pues, ya sabia jaja

Hoy tuvimos la oportunidad a jugar con Barriletes! Today we got to fly kites! jaja I bought a cheap one from a tienda in San Juan. My battery in my camera was dead... so I didnt get to take any pictures. It was fun! Hermana Marcheschi and I were laughing SO hard! haha I love having her here in the Zone. Today we were talking about how weird it is that in December we will be half way through our missions. Missions are SO fast! I feel like I am just getting started! We were talking and laughing about the CCM. That feels like just yesterday! Hermana Marcheschi has had 3 areas and 6 companions! Wow! I have only had 3 companions and 1 area! jaja I was a little bit surprised when I found out that I was staying in San Mateo.. but, I am so grateful for this opportunity. I love San Mateo and this week was filled with Success!

Martes we had our Reunion de Zona. It was so much fun to be with everyone! After we went to the restaurant of one of the investigators of the hermanas in Esperenza. She made us pupusas. They were SO yummy! I am going to make them for you guys when I get home! It is like a tortilla wrapped around meet and other yummy stuff! In the night we had a lesson planned with a Menos Activo family. We did this thing called Cristo la Razon. We start out with a really spiritual hymn and a prayer and then read a scripture about Jesucristo and then we have them shut their eyes and read this really spiritual thing that goes through the life of Jesus Christ. Then we tell them to imagine that they are standing in front of Jesus and He says to them everything that He did was for them. They were all WEEPING. Then I shared my experience about All State Choir and how I didnt take the time to learn the music and how this is our time to ¨learn the music¨here on the earth by going to church, reading the scriptures, and praying. They were all Crying so hard! It was really a miracle.. because the WHOLE entire family was there. It is usually so hard to encontrar all of them at once. and they came to church yesterday! I was so excited! We were in another lesson with them this week and she told us that the lesson we had with them about Christ really got them thinking about how they need to be better. That really touched my heart!

Miercoles in the morning our Zone leaders came to our house to fix our shower. We have been having FREEZING cold showers for like 3 weeks now. So, when they came we had to wait outside in the cold! But, we found out that we had been taking cold showers for nothing! I guess that when the shower gets too hot the switch for the heater automatically shuts off. So, we bought the new shower head for nothing! ah oh well! jaja We were fasting this day so that we could find new people who were ready for baptism to teach.. and when we finished our fast.. the very next door we knocked was Otelia and Odaniel. They are super positivos! The only problem is that he asked us if he needs to be married to get baptized and we explained that the family is sacred to God and that He wants the best for us and that it is necessary. But, he told us that he doesnt want to marry Otelia because she has 55 years and he only has 38 and he wants to start a familia. It was super weird. And she was totally okay with it! jaja but, we told him that he needs to pray about it. We explained that he can have kids with Otelia in the eternities if he is faithful to her and marries her. He told us that he loves her. So, we will see what happens! They came to church yesterday for the full three hours! So, that was a blessing! I think they enjoyed it too!!

Jueves we had Planamient Semenal. Sometimes it is so hard to stay concentrated during this three hour process. But, I know that we need to because the salvacion of our investigators is depending on how much we plan and how much we pray. After we had lunch with Caren. I love her so much! She said that she wrote you an email, dad. I think she did it through my facebook though.. I am not sure. I also learned this day that if I want to be a better missionary and a better person.. I need to make my prayer more meaningful. I have been really trying to work on that. I have also learned that if I want to learn and grow it is something that I need to do.. Nobody else can change me but, me! So, it is a work and process! But, I am getting there!

Viernes Bryan Escobar, Our ward mission leader went to a store in xela for me and bought UNO. jaja everyone plays uno here and I love it so much. So, I had him by it for me so that Hermana Garcia and I could play together and with investigators too! We also had lunch with Hermana Flory. I love her so much! We have lunch with her every single Friday. She is the best!

Sabado we taught a woman named Hermana Flory! She is super calidad! She knows a lot about the Bible. But, she did tell us that she isnt satisfied with the church that she is going to and that she only goes because her husband makes her go. She is super cute. She is reading in the Book of Mormon! It is a promise that if people read in the Book of Mormon everyday and pray about it.. they wont be able to help gaining a testimony of it! Then we met with Rolando at night and he said that he has been reading in the Book of Mormon and that he knows the church is true and wants to be baptized! So, we will see what happens! He isnt really sabio.. so we will see if he actually ends up getting baptized. then Maricela made us empeñadas in the night. They made me think of you dad! Yours are better.

Then Domingo we had Otelia y Odaniel in the church! It was so good! The elders brought a drunk man to church and he made me feel so uncomfortable! He told Elder Yatacko that he was in love with me... oh boy. But, I think that Otelia and Odaniel felt the spirit.. so that is good! I was sitting in church yesterday.. and realized that I can understand everything. It was the weirdest thing. I was just listening and it clicked in my mind! haha Then we went out with a girl named Kimberly Vasquez. She got back from her mission in Nicaragua one year ago. She is awesome! She told me that she wants me to come back after my mission and stay with her. That would be cool! Then we met a new investigator named Berna. She is SUPER positive. She is pretty active in her church.. but, I know that she felt the spirit! and sometimes it is better that they are active in a church because it means that they are more likely to be active in this church!

Anyway! Les amo con todo mi corazon! Gracias por sus ejemplos y por su amor! Mi testimonio esta creciendo cada dia! Se que la iglesia es verdadera y que Nuestro Padre Celestial nos ama a todos!

Se cuidan!
Con Amor,

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter 31 - El Evangelio bendice a las familias!

Hola familia!
Mom! I am so glad that your talk went well! I knew that you would do a great job! I had been praying for you! Heavenly Father loves you so much!

So, yes. I will be in San Mateo for at least 6 more weeks. I will be honest. I was super surprised when they told me I was going to stay. I just feel like I am running out of ideas and people to teach here in San Mateo... but, I know that Heavenly Father wants me here... So, I am determined to find out why! Oh! and Hermana Marcheschi is in our zone! I am so HAPPY!!! I love her! She is the best!
with Hermana Marcheschi
This week was SUPER hard! haha Literally the hardest week in my whole mission! Just everything was falling apart. Satan knows me really well! He knows the best way to get at me is by discouraging me. But, no worries... because Heavenly Father also knows me so well. He is literally the only way I made it through this week!

I dont feel like anything really exciting happened this week... A drunk man on drugs proposed to me. That was fun. haha and yesterday when we were leaving the capilla, he said here comes my wife! and my companion started yelling at him haha she said why didnt you come to church! We are so mad at you! and a bunch of other stuff... He is not a member.. and the only reason she yelled at him is because he was on drugs haha he started to cry.. It was kind of sad... but kind of funny too.

Sorry this letter is so short.. I just dont have a lot to say! But, I can tell you guys that The Church is SO true! Because even when we are at our lowest and think no one cares... He does and the knowledge of the gospel gives us hope and peace!
I love you guys!
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough




Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter - 30 Cachetes de Manzana y Pulgas!

Hola mi familia!

I first want to start off by saying FELIZ CUMPLIANOS Dad!!! I felt so bad last week! Literally Monday night I remembered that I hadnt said anything.. so, check my facebook... because I had a member said you a little message from me!

I found out this morning that I do not have changes! I will be in San Mateo another 6 weeks with Hermana Garcia. Whoa. I have been there forever!!! Haha But, that is alright... I love it!

Let me explain the title of this email, Cachetes is cheeks and Manzana is apples... Cheeks of apples.. haha Some guy in the street yelled this at me the other day haha and Pulgas are fleas... That is right.. I have fleas in my bed and bug bites all over my body. I itch everywhere! haha

On Wednesday we had Zone Meeting! Elder Reinhold, one of our Zone Leaders will be ending his mission tomorrow.. He gave his last testimony and had everyone in tears! Then in the night we met with a family of five and they were freaking out that a gringa was in their house! They were taking pictures and going crazy... I dont think we will be meeting with them again haha

Then on Friday we met with one of our investigators Anibal and he told us that he wants to be baptized! It is just hard... because he only works in San Mateo and lives in San Juan. He has a family of 9! He said they are reading in the Book of Mormon together everyday! So, we will see what happens!

On Saturday, the Elders went with us to give Jackys mother in law a blessing. Her husband died like 5 months ago and she said that she just doesnt have the desire to do anything and that it is ruining her health. So, they gave her a blessing and she was crying and said that she felt such a peace! It was really spiritul. I really believe in the Priesthood more than anything else. Then we taught Wendy the Word of Wisdom and she said that she would live it! Jacky has pictures of my on the front of her scriptures... and Wendy was looking at them and said Hermana Bullough? When I get baptized.. I want pictures like this on my scriptures! awe! I love her so much!

Then Sunday we were saying our goodbyes to everyone because I thought for sure that I would be transferred! I will have 5 changes here! Whoa! That is alot! Elder Toleafoa is getting transferred though.. and that will be weird because he has been in San Mateo for my whole mission with me!

Today we just made breakfast with our Zone and said goodbyes!

I love you guys! and miss you so much!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter 29 - El Señor nos ama!

Familia mia!

I love you guys so much! You guys make me so proud! Thanks for being the people you are!

Monday I opened the package from Sarah and cried so hard when I saw that all of you guys had written to me! How creative this box that she put together! Thanks Sarah!

Tuesday we met with Wendy. She is the girlfriend of the brother in law of Jacky. We taught her the plan of Salvation and she told us that she wants to be baptized! But, it is so hard because Armondo and her arent married and he WILL NOT get married! He doesnt want her to be baptized in the church! It is so sad! But, we are working with her!!!

Wednesday! What the heck! October already! This month I have been in Guatemala for 8 different months... and I will have 7 months in my mission! How crazy!!! Today was Kids day. I hate kids day haha it is likes mothers day and fathers day except for kids. They dont have school.. and every one spoils them. We met with Wendy again and she wants to be baptized but Armondo is so difficult!! This is the only stumbling block! When there is a will... there is always a way.. I am just hoping shell do what she knows is right. Then we were walking in the street in the night and some nice guy said Adios Hermanitas and he was so nice! But, then I looked back when he was a little bit further down the street and some man punched him in the face! He was so bloody! I felt so bad! Some people make me so sad! I had so much anxiety after this... I cant imagine how our Father in Heaven feels everyday! Then we had a lesson with Jilmar and his wife at night and we invited Elder Reinhold and Elder Corbett with us. They are our Zone leaders. Elder Reinhold knows the scriptures SO well!!! He goes home on Tuesday. I think I will have changes this change. I am so nervous! San Mateo is all I have known for 7 months!

Thursday was tough. Being a missionary is SO hard! People reject us every single day! Sometimes I wonder if I am smart enough for the job... but, I know I am.. because Heavenly Father sent me here. We had an activity for just Less actives and recent converts... Jacky gave a talk about the Temple. It was SO good! She is so pilas! Sometimes I wonder if she was the reason that I needed to come here.

Friday we met with Wendy in the morning and talked about the will of God and how we just need to follow the will of God. and how this baptism is part of that will. She is so scared. Because all of her family lives in Guate. She just came here to live with her boyfriend. In the night we went to the house of the familia vasquez. They are a bien pilas family. 4 of there five kids have served missions! They fed us dinner. Then we taught Denise. She is so prepared by the Lord too. She lives with a member family. She said that she really wants to know which church is true. So, I am sure she will be baptized.

Saturday was conference! I watched it in Spanish. How weird. for the majority of the world.. it was just another day. But, they didnt even know that the Prophet was speaking! How crazy! It was super good! I thought conference was perfect! Maybe they used some words that I didnt understand... but, the Savior helped me understand through the Spirit. Then we watched the Joseph Smith movie with Denise in the night. It was so good! I love that movie!

Then Sunday was also General Conference. They broadcasted it to our rama. It was fun! The missionaries from San Juan came to our Rama. That is the picture attatched.

I love you guys so much! I miss you guys so much! Serving a mission is so hard.... SO hard. Sometimes I think what it would be like to be home with the family.. but, I can do that when I get home! That is why I titled this email The Lord loves us.. because that it the reason I am here. Because He loves us so much and wants all of us back! I may not be the best missionary in the world.. but, I know that God has a plan and that people are ready to hear it!

I love you guys!

Until next week!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Letter - 28 Quiero ser como Jesucristo

Mi familia! Las amo con todo mi corazon! Feliz Cumplianos SARAH!!!! I love you!

This weeks numbers were really low because we had conferences or something every single day.

Tuesday we had a multi zone conference with President Smith and his wife, and the surrounding zones of Xela. It was super good! They just talked a lot about how we can be better missionaries and they gave us tips to improve. I am always really inspired to do better after meetings like that! And then President Smith always feeds us a huge lunch after meetings! It was super yummy! I realized during this meeting that I have great potential to be a great missionary. I have many advantages that those around me dont have! I need to live up to my potential! I know it is super hard.. but, I also know that I can do it. Then we went and visted less active members in the night. It is siper annoying here in San Mateo because all of the less active members have the same thing in common and it is that they dont like the presidency in the rama. and our whole ward is pretty much related.. Ugh! Oh barbara!

Wednesday we had Zone meeting in the morning. I love Zone meeting SO much! It is so much fun to see everyone.. plus, I think I will probably have changes this change because I have been here for 6 months. But, after, we were walking to our lunch appointment, and out of no where... THE HUGEST RAINSTORM OF MY LIFE HAPPENED!!! It was like someone was just dumping a bucket of water on our heads! We arent really in a drought anymore. It has been raining everyday.. But, we were SOAKED for our lunch appointment, haha Hermana Garcia and I kept taking off our boots to let all of the water out of them haha Then we went to go teach our investigators Ebeline and Junie.. if you could pray for them by name would be great. This is a super cool story... a few weeks ago, I was walking past their house and had a feeling I needed to knock on the door.,.. but, we were in a hurry so I didnt. But, I kept thinking about their house! So, we went and we met Junie first and taught her the plan of salvacion. She was bien pilas and pretty much taught us the plan after! Then we went back a few days later and met her sister Ebeline and we taught them the Resoration. They are sisters they both of a daughters and they live with their husbands.. but when we asked them to be baptized... Ebeline said that she isnt baptized and would like to be. That was a super cool experience. The Spirit was so strong!

Then Thursday we had weekly planning! It is a good time to get organized with our investigators and their needs! Then we went to Hermana Lourdes house to make the cookies that mom sent! They were SO yummy! And our lunch appointment fell through.. so Hermana Lourdes fed us spaghetti! I havent had spaghetti FOREVER! It was so good! The elders didnt know that we had gotten lunch... so they bought us foot long buffalo sandwhiches! The elders are so nice! I feel like Elder Toleafoa is like my brother. We have been sharing this area for my whole mission! So, needless to say.. we were pretty full.. Hermano Rene gave us chuchitos in the night. They were so yummy! His wife told us that she has something to give us and asked what are favorite colors are... well, what hermana garcias is haha every one knows my favorite color... I am SO excited because she is SO stylish!!!! Then my companion said the f word. haha she said she heard it in a song... I was super surprised and said no diga eso! haha

Friday we were walking around in the morning inviting people to the stake relief society activity. We went to Jackys house and found out that her Cuinada was sick! She wanted to go to the activity! So, we called the Elders and they came to give her a blessing. First we explained what the Priesthood was and how blessings work through our faith. Elder Shoemaker gave the blessing. It was all in broken spanish.. but, after she said that she felt something that she had never felt before and that it was something really beautiful in side of her! It was so cool! I love the Priesthood! Then we went to the Stake Relief Society meeting. Every ward had a subject to talk about. They put us missionarys in charge. We talked about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.

Saturday we were walking around telling people about the general womans conference. Then we had lunch with Samuel. He is a menos activo. He just got back from the states. He had a six month VISA. After lunch we had a LONG conversation about the gospel.. he told us he believes in the Johovahs witnessess... Sad day. My highlight of the day was when we went to the general womans broadcast. It made me miss mom. But, all of the talkes were SO good! I liked when they were talking about the woman that lost all of her kids.. and she found peace through the Temple. Cant wait to watch womans conference with you MOM!!! We also had 3 investigators come with us! So, that was great!!!

Sunday was great! As we were passing for investigators... a drunk man asked what time church starts and we told him nine... His face was really beat up.. it looked like someone punch him in the eye. After we told him what time.. he said OKAY I am going to go prepare myself haha then we passed by a tienda and he was buying stuff to remove paint to get high... hahaha I thought it was funny that he was preparing himself that way.. but, also really sad. The Primary Program happened too! It was SO different from the states. They didnt have music going with the kids as they sang and the power was out.. so they didnt have sound for the microphone. This also made me miss you, mom! We brought 4 girls. They are all 11 years old and younger. 3 of them were mad at the other girl. They were being so mean to her. It made me think of times when my friends would do stuff like that to me. Girls can be so catty. Then in the afternoon we went to Xela because my companion needed to go to Guate to sign her VISA. So, I was on divisions with Hermana Cadwell. I love her so much! She is a good missionary! We taught a family of four and they said they want to be baptized! So, we will see!

Then today we went to Hermana McGills house and played UNO and ate pizza. It was SO much fun! Can you send me uno in my next package please? I would love that so much!

I am super sad because I realized that I already have almost 7 months in my mission. I will never be a missionary in the same way again. I really need to work so hard now!

I know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me. I know Jesus Christ lives. I love that I know these things!

Con Amor,
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough