Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Letter 44 - Tal Como el Sol

Hola mi querida familia!

"The only measure of greatness in this life is how close a man can get to becoming like Jesus. That man who is more like Christ is the greatest, and those who LOVE HIM MOST will be most like Him." Ezra Taft Benson

One thing that I love about my mission is that it is shaping me into the person that I will be for the rest of my life. I am learning how to be more like Jesus Christ. I love Him.

On Tuesday night we had an appointment pretty far away. It was only 730 and we left with a member named Andres. We got to this appointment and the man came out and he looked like he was scared.. but, not for himself.. for us! He said you guys cant be here! You have to go now! He told us that it is really dangerous where we were and that people get murdered there sometimes! I will be honest. I was really scared. I told my companion that we should pray and that we would be protected. So, we said a prayer and then we walked really fast. My companion was laughing because apparently I talk a lot when I am nervous. But, we made it out safe. I know that angels were walking with us.

On Wednesday we met with a 21 year old named Brayan. We taught him the restoration and then we invited him to ba baptized. He accepted our invitation! He just wants to be sure. But, he told us that he agrees with everything we said.

On Saturday we had a lesson with Mariola, Carlos, and Mauro. Mariola lost her mom about 8 months ago. She told us that she had a dream about her mom. She told us that she was in a really big beautiful room and everything was in white. She told us that she passed through a white curtain into a more beautiful place and that her mom was there. We explained a little about the Temple with out going into too much detail. But, she still isnt too sure about the whole baptism thing.

Then we went to talk to Gloria. She told us that we shouldnt go visit her in her house anymore because Edgar is really mad. Edgar is the husband of Reina the sister in law of Gloria. We told Reina last wek that she either needs to get married or get separate so that she can be baptized. And when she told us that she doesnt want to be with her husband because he is a witch, a drunk and abusive we told her that she could announce all of this to the police and that they would take him away. Well, I guess Reina told her husband and now he is really mad at us. Gloria said that if he is there when we come that he could hurt us. She doesnt want to get baptized anymore because Edgar said that he would kick her out of their house. So, that is scary.

I know that this work is real. That Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and that they have bodies of flesh and bone just like us. I know that Jesus Christ came to earth and that He died for us. For every single one of us. Because He loves us and that love NEVER changes. He is pleading on His knees with our Father in heaven for every single one of us. I know He lives!!! I cant wait to have my personal interview with Jesus Christ and I cant wait to have Him wipe away my tears in person.

Always remember that He loves you.

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

ps Next week I will send un monton de fotos.

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