Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Letter 14 - Gotcha!

Hola mi familia! Como estan!?

Today for Pday we went and played gotcha. Gotcha is paintball! It was so much fun! I have two huge welts on my legs and one on my arm! It was so much fun! 

This week was pretty great! We taught Antoni Saturday night. We had the goal of putting a fecha fija for his baptism. We shared scripture after scripture and then finally I showed him the picture of the Savor knocking at the door without a doorknob. I told him that the Savior is knocking and that we need to let him in and that Baptism is the first covenant that we make with our Heavenly Father. I said a bunch more that I dont even remember! It is so true that the Spirit truly is the teacher! He will be baptized this Saturday.

I am feeling a lot better with Spanish. I feel pretty comfortable. Yes, I need a lot more help... but, with time I know that I will be fluent! 

Really not that much happened this week. But, I want to tell you guys that being on a mission is a huge humbling experience. I thought I knew everything before my mission. But, the fact is that I really dont know that much. But, I do know a few things... I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is our Saviors Church. The one and only. It is the same Church that He established when he came to the earth. Unfortunatley, when Jesus Christ died, the people fell into a state of Apostasy, so Heavenly Father took away the Priesthood from the earth (The Authority to act in the name of Jesus Christ on the earth). BUT, Heavenly Father loves us a lot! He always listens to our prayers! So, when a young boy who only had 14 years prayed fervently to know which church to join, Heavenly Father, and our Savior, Jesus Christ, appeared to him and told him that none of the churchs were correct because none had the Priesthood Authority. Because of THAT prayer of a humble boy, we now have the Church back. The Saviors church. 
Her companion id the one on the left.

se que la iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias es la iglesia verdadera. se que El Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios. se que Jose Smith fue un profeta llamaba por Dios. se que cuando tratamos a seguir Jesucristo, somos felices. Estoy muy agradecida por esta oportunidad a servir el Salvador aqui en Guatemala. Estoy tratando de  ser como Jesucristo. No somos perfectos.. pero con el Senor, Jesucristo todo es posible. La Expiación de Jesucristo es real. Se que cuando Jesucristo vino en la tierra, Jesucristo establecio una iglesia y sufre por nuestro pecados. Gracias a El nosotros tenemos la oportunidad a tener vida eterna. Yo amo a mi salvador y mi amigo, Jesucristo.

I love you guys so much. Remember the Savior ALWAYS has his arms of love and mercy extended. Everyday is a new day and we can try to be better everyday. I am really really far from perfect. But, through the Savior, we can be perfected in Him. Moroni 10 32.

Con Cuidado,

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Letter 13 - Corazon quebrantad​o y Espiritu contrito!

Hola mi adorable familia!


Como estan?!

Did you guys receive my pictures on dropbox?

So, Elder Roach is home now! His replacement is Elder Rodriguez de Mexico. He is REALLY cool! He speaks English really well, but what I like about him is that he only speaks Spanish with me. and if I speak English, he has me try it in Spanish.

On Tuesday, we taught this familia that has 5 kids! 3 of the kids are old enough for baptism. Jaidy, the oldest, is 13 and she has a baby of her own! She was raped! It is really sad! We taught them the Plan of Salvacion and after I asked them to be baptized. I bore my testimony about how I know that families can be together forever and that I miss you guys a lot, but, I am grateful that I can have you guys for eternity! Jaidy, right away, said I want that! and David too! But, the mom, Araceli needed a bit of work! She said that she couldn’t go to church on Sunday because she needed to go by gas for her oven, but she wouldnt have the money until Sunday! So, we told her that Church is really important and that it is a commandment. We told her that we would pay for her gas because going to church is so important. The gas was SO expensive! We split it in half.

On Wednesday, we went to Garabaldi for a Zone Conference. The last Zone conference with Presidente Bautista! I am kind of sad! They are such nice people! I would have liked to get to know them better! They fed all of us Lasagna after! It was tan rico! I got to see Elder Wright. Elder Wright is one of the Elders that was in the CCM with me. Practically my brother haha 42 days straight for 16 hours a day. whoo! It was really nice to see more missionaries in the mission!

Friday, we had a HUGE rainstorm! There was MUD everywhere in the streets because the water brought it from the other surrounding mountains! All of the lights in San Mateo went out! It was so crazy!

Saturday we went to Siguila to talk to our investigator, Maria and her three kids. She came to Church last Sunday and said that she loved it! But, when we went to talk to her, she said that her husband won’t let her go anymore. UGH! Husbands really dont treat their wives well here. Wives need to get permission for every single little thing! But, their husbands do whatever they want!

We have an investigator, Luis Lopez. He is addicted to alcohol. He wants to change. I told him to write down all of the places and people that influence him to drink and then we gave him a picture of the Savior and told him to look at the picture of the Savior every time he wants to drink. I really hope he can get over this. Addictions are hard. I bore my testimony about the struggles I had in high school (I didnt go into detail.. solo that I had an addiction) and he cried.

So the way Sundays work here is that we go to Rama counsel and then leave to go pick up all of our investigators! We went to go pick up the Araceli Familia and none of them were ready! We told them that we would come back in twenty minutes because we had more investigators to go get. I was praying so hard! But, people have their agency, and sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you pray. When we went back for them... they weren’t there. It was really sad. I was really frustrated... because I had just spent money for their gas so they could come to church! :( Then in the afternoon, we went to Xela to pick up Hermana Madrid’s patriarchal blessing. We ran into some Elders there! I told Elder Badagascar about the Araceli familiy and then I talked about how frustrating it is because the church is SO clearly true! I then said "It is a good thing the Savior is merciful, because a lot of people are going to need it!" and then he said "Yeah, but we need it too." He is SO right. We all need the mercy of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I will be completely honest right now. The beginning of my mission was really rough. I was sick all of the time, I was eating food that I wasn’t quite used to and not knowing Spanish is a struggle... but, two nights ago, after my companion went to bed, I went into our study room and knelt down on the floor and prayed aloud. I was pretty frustrated with God... which I know that I shouldn’t have been.... but, I let out every emotion I was having in my heart. After I prayed, I truly felt that Heavenly Father loves me. It was a really cool experience.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true Church. I know it with all of my heart! Joseph Smith was a Prophet and he truly did translate the Book of Mormon. The Mayans here in Guatemala spoke of a great white God that visited them here. That great white God was our resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ. He truly did visit the Americas. The Church is perfect and I am so grateful to be here on my mission serving these humble people. I love them and I love God. I am truly blessed.

I forgot to tell you guys about the packages. Go ahead and send it. Everyone says they eventually recieve them... but it takes about a month or two. But, I REALLY would love a package from you guys! Oh! My camera... kind of a cool story. You guys had asked last week and I forgot to tell you.... the buttons weren’t working... and this may sound kind of silly... but, I prayed really hard and then fasted that my camera would work again... and now it works! Heavenly Father loves me so much!

I love you guys!

Sellado Con Besos!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter 12 - Mi Familia!

Hola Familia! Como Estan?!

I love you guys so much! 
Counrtyside of San Mateo, Guatemala

So, Monday we were at MaryLous home, she is a Menos Activo, and her mom offered us food. In my head I kept saying "no! no!" but, it is rude to deny food from people here. The food was COVERED in flies. We had tortillas with salt and warm water with sugar. Que rico! I was pretty sure I ate a parasite! haha speaking of parasites, I have one! I called the nurses because I was having some problems. So, I got put on a white diet. I didnt actually get tested for the parasite, but they want to take precautions! Fun!

Wednesday we had Zone meeting! I love Zone meeting! It is so fun to see other people! It was Elder Roachs last Zone meeting of his mission! He bore his testimony! It was great! It is so weird! He is leaving and I am just starting out! I am such a baby in the mission! haha I got a hand written letter from Sister Gregerson! It was so nice! I love her! Tell her I said thank you and that I loved it! Tuesday night we taught Juan for the last time. President Bautista told us to drop him because he wasnt progressing. It was really sad. He is more active than some of the members! We can continue to invite him to things, but, we cant teach him anymore! 

Thursday We taught Jaquelyn. She is seriously the best! She is SO nice! She always tells me how great my spanish is! It really boosts my confidence! 

Friday we always have lunch with Hermana Flori. She is seriously like the mom for missionaries here in San Mateo. Her daughter returns from her mission tomorrow! Anyway, I was pretty quiet because I couldnt understand what they were talking about. haha then Bryan (Our War mission leader, son of Flori) said whats wrong? and I said "Espanol es tan dificil!" and got teary eyed haha It was funny because then Hermana Madrid and Hermana Flori started to cry! LOL The Elders laughed really hard! haha

Saturday was great! I was feeling really good with Spanish! We rode on the back of a truck, just hanging on for dear life haha but, Saturday night, we were teaching this woman Marcella. She is really old. I was just sharing a scripture, and she started to laugh REALLY hard! The hardest ever! She kept saying you dont know spanish! it was so rude! I cried LOL I gave the scripture to Hermana Madrid to finish haha
Natalie's Apartment

Sunday was Hermana Madrids birthday! I love having a companion with a birthday, because I felt like it was my birthday too! haha EVERYONE fed us! I was really considering balimia for a moment so I could not feel like I was going to explode! haha We had 5 investigators at church! FIVE!!! I was so excited!!!! They are all pilas! Elder Roach spoke in church because it was his last sunday. He talked a lot about faith and how we need to work hard and have faith in order for the faith to work! I can learn spanish! I know I can! I tsught Gospel P¨rinciples! I found out during Sacrament meeting haha needless to say, I had a lot of help from the other missionaries! After Church we ate lunch at the Velasquez home! It was so awesome! They had a cake for Hermana Madrid! I love her! She is awesome! We had a meeting in the church after, and I put a listerine strip in my mouth. It was hilarious because then everyone that was sitting around me asked for one and they didnt believe me that you could eat them. They dont have them here. They were like cavemen! haha it was funny! Then we went to more members homes and ate cake and food and too much! haha

but, really, I love Guatemala so much. I am growing so much! Learning spanish is hard, but, with God, it is possible. There is a scripture that I love in Jacob 6:5 it talks about how we need to cleave unto God like he cleaves unto us. God CLEAVES unto us! Whoa! He really does care about us and he answers our prayers. My mission will bless me for the rest of eternity. It is helping me become a better person. I am grateful that I get the opportunity every single day to share the Gospel with the people of Guatemala. I know that my Savior, Jesus Christ lives. Every time I get frustrated with the language or something else, I always remember that the Savior experienced my exact pains and that I can use the stregthening power of the Atonement anyday. How many churchs are in the world today? uncountable! Most of them believe in the bible... like us, but, we also have The Book of Mormon. Heavenly Father gave us the Book of Mormon so that we wouldnt be confused and the Book of Mormon truly testifies of Christ. Anyone who reads just the first page can know that it is of God.
The Mountains near San Mateo

I love you guys with all my heart and I think about you all of the time!

Con Amor,

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Letter 11 - Murcielago​! (bat!)

Hello my beautiful family! I love you SO much!!!

This week was so wonderful! Heavenly Father loves me a lot! Yesterday I hit 75 days in Guatemala! That is SO crazy! I cant even believe it! 

I have started doing this meditation thing when I say my prayers. I think you guys should try it. It is really cool to see the spirit work. I ask Heavenly Father a question, and then I ponder on my question and write down everything that comes to my mind! It is so awesome! I have recieved so much personal revelation!

Also, Dad! I think it is great that you are reading the Book of Mormon is Spanish! If you read it all the way through, I promise you will be fluent in Spanish once again! It is a promise from God. They told us that if we read the Book of Mormon all the way through, we will be fluent!

Tuesday night a ward member went to Xela and brought us back McDonalds! ahhhhh! I was so excited to have normal food! haha the food here is pretty wild! But, it was good to have a Big Mac! 

Wednesday Our Hermana Zone Leaders did divisions with us just in the morning. Our Zone has a goal of 12 baptisms this month. If we have 12 baptisms, then we get to go do a session in the Temple! ah! I really really REALLY hope we meet the goal! We have four people that could possibly be baptized this month, so hopefully the rest of our zone can make up the rest. The hermanas came with us so that they could help us solitify our fechas for baptism. You need to get the dates at the end of the month so that you can work hard during the month towards that date! I was with Hermana Gonzalez. She told me that she has trained 3 North Americans and that my Spanish is better than theirs was when they first started! It made me feel good. She also, told one of our investigators this after we invited her to church. "It is like a delicious cake. If you never taste it, how will you know it is delicious? It is the same with the Church, if you never taste it, how will you know it is delicious?" I thought that was great! It is SO true! If you dont try something you will never know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is definitely the BEST thing. It is where all of my happiness comes from! We also had a Zone Conference. It was cool to see and meet other missionaries! They are all so awesome! We watched a video from Elder Holland. One thing he said that I really liked was " Missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience! How could we think this is easy when it was NEVER easy for him?" Missionary work is hard, but, when times are tough, I just think of my Savior, things were much harder for him. Then that night we had a Branch activity. I gave the opening thought and sang I know that my Redeemer lives in English. My companion was mad, because I made us leave after thought. They were going to watch a movie and in the hand book it says we can only watch church movies. Sp, when we left, I said why dont we call our zone leader and ask permission if you really want to stay. haha so I called Elder Reinhold and he said that it is not allowed lol I told him that I sometimes have trouble with my companion not being obedient and he said "Who will be judging you? God or your companion?" He advised me to just keep being an example and working hard! 

Thursday we were teaching one of our new investigators, Alisea. She works in San Mateo but lives in a different mission. She gave us free fries once, so we started teaching her. haha we found out that she was going to be baptized saturday! She had been meeting with the other missionaries! LOL 

Friday, this explains that title of my email. At three in the morning, I woke up to noises! I was super scared because I thought people were in our house! But, I knew I was just being silly, so I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to just help me go back to sleep. But, I kep hearing noises for about 45 minuites! Then I heard a really loud noise! SO, I jumped up and practically got in bed with Hermana Madrid and said "Hermana! Personas en nuestra casa!!!" haha Hermana Madrid said "Que?" haha and kind of irritated got out of bed turned on the light and opened the door to our room. Meanwhile, Im saying "cuidado Hermana! Cuidado!" haha she goes into the other room where we study and says "Que personas en nuestra casa? Que personas!?" haha taunting me a bit! and then out of no where a big black thing flew over my head! I ducked and then ran into our bedroom and shut the door! Meanwhile Hermana Madrid is still in the other room! She ran out of the room turned off the light and shut the door! haha it was a Murcielgo or a bat! haha I said Hermana! We need to call the Elders! haha but, then we realized the phone was in the room with the bat! lol so she bravely got the phone and we texted the Elders. They came over at 630 in the morning and caught the bat! haha it was so wild! 
The bat

Saturday, this woman Nancy told me my pronunciation in spanish is better that Elder Roachs and that my spanish is better than Elder Toleafoas in general haha It isnt true. LOL 

Sunday, we sand prelude music before church. We were super depressed, because we always go to pick up our investigators before church. we had 7 that were suppose to come, but, none of them were ready when we went to get them. Juan came to church. He always comes. We were super sad that none of the other came! But, then! about 10 minutes into Sacrament meeting Antoni came!!!!! I was so happy! I cried when I saw him! If you guys could pray for Antoni, that would be great! He has a desire to be baptized, but he has school on sundays! But, I promise him saturday night that if he would go to church instead of school that he would be blessed, and he came! He will hopefully be baptized on the 21st! He said he loves me a lot because I dont know spanish, but, he can really tell that I want the gospel for him more than anything. 

"There is no more compelling work than this, nor and which brings greater satisfaction" 

I love you guys! Remember who you are! and remember the Lord loves you!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

The Quetzaltenango Temple