Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Letter 44 - Tal Como el Sol

Hola mi querida familia!

"The only measure of greatness in this life is how close a man can get to becoming like Jesus. That man who is more like Christ is the greatest, and those who LOVE HIM MOST will be most like Him." Ezra Taft Benson

One thing that I love about my mission is that it is shaping me into the person that I will be for the rest of my life. I am learning how to be more like Jesus Christ. I love Him.

On Tuesday night we had an appointment pretty far away. It was only 730 and we left with a member named Andres. We got to this appointment and the man came out and he looked like he was scared.. but, not for himself.. for us! He said you guys cant be here! You have to go now! He told us that it is really dangerous where we were and that people get murdered there sometimes! I will be honest. I was really scared. I told my companion that we should pray and that we would be protected. So, we said a prayer and then we walked really fast. My companion was laughing because apparently I talk a lot when I am nervous. But, we made it out safe. I know that angels were walking with us.

On Wednesday we met with a 21 year old named Brayan. We taught him the restoration and then we invited him to ba baptized. He accepted our invitation! He just wants to be sure. But, he told us that he agrees with everything we said.

On Saturday we had a lesson with Mariola, Carlos, and Mauro. Mariola lost her mom about 8 months ago. She told us that she had a dream about her mom. She told us that she was in a really big beautiful room and everything was in white. She told us that she passed through a white curtain into a more beautiful place and that her mom was there. We explained a little about the Temple with out going into too much detail. But, she still isnt too sure about the whole baptism thing.

Then we went to talk to Gloria. She told us that we shouldnt go visit her in her house anymore because Edgar is really mad. Edgar is the husband of Reina the sister in law of Gloria. We told Reina last wek that she either needs to get married or get separate so that she can be baptized. And when she told us that she doesnt want to be with her husband because he is a witch, a drunk and abusive we told her that she could announce all of this to the police and that they would take him away. Well, I guess Reina told her husband and now he is really mad at us. Gloria said that if he is there when we come that he could hurt us. She doesnt want to get baptized anymore because Edgar said that he would kick her out of their house. So, that is scary.

I know that this work is real. That Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ live and that they have bodies of flesh and bone just like us. I know that Jesus Christ came to earth and that He died for us. For every single one of us. Because He loves us and that love NEVER changes. He is pleading on His knees with our Father in heaven for every single one of us. I know He lives!!! I cant wait to have my personal interview with Jesus Christ and I cant wait to have Him wipe away my tears in person.

Always remember that He loves you.

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

ps Next week I will send un monton de fotos.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Letter 43 - "Cuan Asombroso es"



Hola mi querida familia! Que tal?

This week we have had so much success. I love training because it makes me work so much harder. This week I have been thinking a lot about the Savior. One of my favorite hymns in the spanish hymn book is 69. The third verse says "He is always close, He gives me his hand, in my Gethsemane He is my Savior. He knows how to give me the peace that I want so bad, with goodness and love He shows me my value."

Sometimes we feel so alone. I can especially since this in people here on my mission. I love them so much and I want them to know that they are not alone. A few weeks ago a drunk man was walking in the street. He didnt have good balance walking and his face looked so sad. Like "Im giving up! What am I doing with my life!" I felt so sorry for him and I just wanted to give him a big hug and tell him that God loves Him and that Jesus Christ is pleading for Him to get back up on his feet.

In Lamentations 3:58 it says "O Lord, thou hast pleaded the causes of my soul; thou hast redeemed my life." Our Savior PLEADS for us because He REDEEMED us. He knows exactly how we are feeling. He is screaming to us "Dont give up now! You keep on going! I am here beside you!" But, sometimes we are past feeling and dont know which way we should be going.

I know He loves us. This week we were teaching a less active women. We werent prepared before hand. But, we share a thought in every house we enter. I was thinking before hand about what we could teach her.. I started off only by saying "Hermana, God loves you." She started to cry and told us that she had been praying this week to know if God loved her. It is funny how God uses other people to answer our prayers. But, I really do know that He loves us.

This week we invited Gloria, Rosa, Marylin, and Reina to be baptized and they accepted. They will be baptized the 7th of Febrero. Our only obstacle with Reina is that her husband is a witch. He heals people using satan. Reina says she doesnt want to marry him, but she is scared because her husband hits her and is drunk. I am so grateful for my trials. We will see what happens.

I love hymn number 118 in the spanish hymn book. It is "I stand all amazed" but, I like it better in spanish because it is easier to understand.
"I am amazed at the love Jesus gives me.
I am confused at His grace and His light
I tremble to know that for me He gave His life
For me! So unworthy, He shed His blood.

It is hard for me to understand why Jesus wanted to come down here
from his throne so divine to rescue MY soul
That he would forgive such a sinner
That He would redeem ME and give ME his great love

They left Him nailed to the cross
He paid to rescue me and I cant forget that
I will never stop being grateful
My life and more I have to give to Him

How amazing it is that He loved me so much to die for me
How amazing it is what He gave to me"

It really is so amazing. He loves us! He loves EACH AND EVERY one of us. What are we willing to give to Him, the perfect man, who didnt have sin, who died for our sins?

I know that Jesus Christ lives! He loves us so much! He doesnt want us to suffer. He already did that.

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ has been restored and that we have the authority to perform the ordinances of Salvation once again here on earth. I hope you guys enjoy your week. Remember in those harder times Jesus Christ wont be walking beside you, He will be carrying you.

Les Amo!
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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Letter 42 - Hola!

Hola familia! Como han estado? Como les va?

Unfortunately the internet cafe that we are in doesnt let me download pictures! So, you guys will have to wait until next week to know what my companion looks like! Sorry!

Martes we left for Xela at about 11am. We got to Xela at about 2! My companion is DARLING! Her name is Hermana Arellano from Puebla Mexico. She is really girly, she wants to work, she is always smiling, and she is a good missionary. We get along really really well. Both of my hijas in the mission are from Mexico! How fun! I found out that Elder Tolefoa is in Quilinco! We shared my first area together 7 months! and now we are sharing this area! That is so crazy! haha

Miercoles we had our zone meeting. It was SO good! Our new zone leader is Elder Bryan. He is so good! He is so spiritual! He has the whole zone on a leash! Seriously haha Then we taught Mariola, Mauro, and Carlos at night. There dad is a menos activo. The kids have always really wanted to get baptized... but the mom no. So, we taught them about the Restoration.. We asked Mariola if she was scared. and she said yes because her whole family is catholic. But, then we asked her if she believes our message is true.. and she said yes. So, we invited her to be baptized! She accepted! They will probably baptized on the 31st of this month! I am so excited!

On Thursday we went to Renes house. He wasnt there at first, but, when he came home his eyes were so red. I thought for sure he was smoking. But, then he started to cry! Rene is a nurse. But he has another job where he goes to investigate deaths of people. He told us that he went to a house about an hour away from here. They only had a christmas ornament hanging on the wall because they couldnt afford a tree. They only have dirt floor. They all sleep on the floor. There is 6 kids and the dad. The mom died giving birth to their seventh child. The kid lived.. but, the dad didnt know what to do with it... so he gave it away. Rene was crying so hard. These people dont have anything! It was a really touching story. On the way home Rene had a really sacred experience that strengthened my testimony. I know that Jesus Christ lives.

On friday night we had a really intweresting experience. After walking out of a lesson at like 830, my companion turned to me and said Hermana, that man is following us. But, I turned around and the man looked normal and I said Buenas Noches! and we kept walking. But, then I realized that he really was following us! So, my companion looked at me and said what do we do? We cant walk to our next cita with him following us. So, I saw 2 teenagers walking.. I said were are going to talk to them! When we walked up to them, the guy that was following us walked up behind them and just stared at us. So, I said to these people can we walk with you guys for a little bit? Luckily they said yes and we explained the situation.. The guy continued to follow us! We walked through the park.. and I said we need to talk to the police! so, we went and talked to the police and they talked to this man. The man said that we had talked to him.. I have never seen him in my life! They also said that he was a little bit drunk too. But, that was crazy!

Saturday Elder Bryan and Elder Pagan came to a cita with us. They are our zone leaders! It went really well! Elder Bryan is so cool! He is a really good missionary.

Sunday we had 8 investigators in church! That is a good number! It is because the members are starting to help us! Then we had a lesson with Klismar in the night and he accepted our invitation to be baptized! He is 15, so he still needs to talk to his parents.. but, I know that he will be baptized!

The last words of Joseph smith were I know that I wont return this time, but, I know that Jesus Christ lives. because I saw him face to face. I want you guys to know that I know that Jesus Christ lives. Not because I have seen Him. But, because I have felt Him in my life. I know that He lives. We can all know that He lives as we try to become more like Him.

I love you guys and I pray for you guys!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Letter 41 - Voy a tener mi segunda hija!

I will be training again! I am staying in Chiantla! I am so excited. One thing that President Smith said is that our missions determine our lives and our trainers determine our missions.. T

hen he looked at us really seriously and said you guys will determine the life of these new missionaries! Wow!

Martes I went on divisions with Hermana Pena in las victorias. She is a great person. She is from Nicaragua. She will be going to BYU Provo when she gets home. She speaks almost perfect english. It was super fun!

Miercoles we finished divisions and celebrated the new year by going to Nuevo Mexico! It was so yummy! Then I went back to Chiantla with my comp. Our zone leaders came to Chiantla to help us put a fecha fija with Rene. But, it wasnt needed. He told us that he wants to be baptized on the 17th of February! A baptism for my birthday! He wants to be baptized with his brother. Rene has been taking the misisonary lessons for 6 YEARS. Finally he is ready to enter the waters of baptism. I am so grateful for his decision. I know this will change his life.

Viernes we got a call from Elder Brito, He is the assistant to the president. He said Hermana Bullough! What did you do? jaja I said I dont know! What did I do!? He said Obviously something good because you are going to train! I am so excited to train because I know a lot more about what I am doing now! I wont get my companion until tomorrow! Hermana Fabian will stay in the zone! I am so excited!

Sabado I woke up at 4 so I could shower and be ready to leave for Xela at 5. Then we had our meeting of entrenadores. It was so fun! There are 5 sisters training and 11 elders training. This will be such a good experience!

On sunday we had 5 investigators in church! It was so great! I love exito like this!

I want you guys to know that I know that Jesus Christ lives. I know that He is always watching over us. Even when we feel cmpletely solo. We have to know that He is carrying us. I know that He loves us and that He just wants us to return to live with Him again someday. Perseverar hasta el fin! We belong to eternity!

I love you guys!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Letter 40 - ¨¡No! ¡Se Murió!¨

Hola mi familia tan chula!

Well, the title of this email comes from this morning! jaja I was talking to a girl on the phone trying to plan a cita with her. I thought she said that she was going to be living with her Grandma for the semana.. but, luckily we were on speaker phone. I said Where does your grandma live and we can come visit you there! and Hermana Fabian was in the backround saying NO! She died! haha it was so funny!

Pues, another semana has come and gone! How weird. I only have 5 cambios left... My release date is September 15th. But, I probably wont get home until the 17th. My mission is going way to fast. I just keep thinking that this is the only time in my life that I will be set apart as a full time single missionary! I cant waste any time! I love being a missionary too much!

Lunes we had a baptism! It went so well! Jose was so happy! After the baptism, the family of his girlfriend invited us over for dinner. At the end of the dinner Jose told everyone thank you and that this was the best birthday that he has had. He started to cry in the middle of it and couldnt finish what he was saying. It was really sweet. He will turn in his mission papers in one year! I love being a missionary!

Martes my companion and I made breakfast burritos for all of the missionaries in our zone. I think they appreciated it! Then in the night time all of the missionaries in Huehue went to central park and sang Christmas hymns. It was SO much fun! Then we stayed the night at my moms house haha Hermana Madrid and Hermana Marcheschi because there were no buses to go back to Chiantla after.

Miercoles one of our mas pilas investigadors told us that he wants some breathing room! I was so sad! and at midnight on the 24th EVERYONE sets off fireworks. It is SO cool! I woke up to take a video in the night.

Jueves I LOVED talking to you guys! It was so much fun to see your faces! Solo hay 5 meses mas hasta que hablemos otra vez! But we went to visit one of our menos activas in the tarde and she told us that she had an accident the night before.. but, we had a cita so we told her that we would come back after the cita. When we came back she explained that she had been drinking the night before with some friends and that they were on a motorcycle and that car hit them and that she flew off of the motorcycle and hit her head and her hip and that the car ran over her friend! They took the friend to the hospital but, Carolina didnt want to go becuase she had to work the next day. So, we called the Bishop and told him about the accident and told him that he needs to call her.. so we left but told her we would visit her in her house for our last appointment, When we went to her house she was balling and said she couldnt handle the pain anymore but, she was also talking weird. I think she had a concussion. We would be in the middle of a sentance with her and suddenly she would be a sleep! So, we called the Bishop and another man in the ward to come over to give her a blessing. They gave her the blessing but she was still crazy! Another woman came and gave her a shot to help deal with the pain. The woman pulled down her pants a bit and it was so purple and big! And Carolina had showed us her bloody pants before all of this! But, my companion and I were hysterical. I have never seen something that bad. The girl that gave the shot said that she thought that Carolina was going to die! My comp and I were crying a bit. We entered our house pretty late that night with permisison from our leaders.. but, we were hysterical! Our leaders were thinking about coming up to talk to us! But, we finally went to sleep at about midnight and we told the hermana Carolina that we would come firstr thing in the morning. I was expecting her to be dead honestly. But, she was SO much better!!!!!! This strengthen my testimony in the priesthood times 100!! I know that the priesthood power is real!

Viernes Rene told us that he knows he will be a member someday and that he just doesnt know when! AH! This investigator kills me!!!

Sunday was crazy! Jose was late to sacrament meeting so he didnt recieve the holy ghost! So, I sent a little girl up to the stand with a note that said Jose has to recieve the holy ghost and the bishop said no! So, we went into the hall and called our leaders to see what we should do and that said that he has to recieve the holy ghost because it had already been 8 days! so we told the bishop and he said that he didnt care what our leaders had to say and that Jose wont recieve the spirit until next sunday.. so we called our leaders again and they called the stake president and the stake president called our bishop and our bishop gave Jose the Holy Ghost.. I felt bad... but, with out the spirit baptism is incomplete!

Anyway! I hope you guys have a great semana!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Letter 39 - Feliz Navidad! Casi.

Hey Family!

This letter is going to be really short and sweet because we have a baptism tonight at 5 and have to be there at 4 in 10 mintues.

On Tuesday we had a choir practice with all of the missionaries in Huehue because we are going to sing in Parque Central tomorrow night.

On Wednesday we had the ward christmas party. The church really is the same every where. Rene came.. He found out my real name last week so every once in a while he will just start talking to me and use my first name to iniciate the conversation. I think it is funny.

On Thursday we had a meeting in Huhue because Presidente Duncan came. He is the area 70 for central america. It was SO good. The church has some big plans.. This is just my thought... but, I think in the near future they might make it a commandment for sisters to serve missions- but it is just my thought from all of the things that he said. He also said that Latinos are going to start serving in different areas of the world rather than just their countries. He also said that future missionaries need to be so strong because they are going to have more challenges and are going to have to sacrifice more. I was thinking about Brandon the whole entire time. He will be such a great missionary.

On friday I completed 9 months of my mission.

Then on Saturday we had another practice with all of the missionaries. I love them all so much! Then Edgar told us he knows the chrch is true and that he wants to be baptized! Whoo!

Then on Sunday we had lunch with Hermana Oralia and it was fish and I ate it anyway. I gagged the whole time. Then Louis told us that his dad wanted to meet with us. We were excited because his dad isnt a member.. so we went there... and he took us to dinner with his son. I felt bad because we broke the sabbath. I didnt know where he was going until we got there. but, we did manage to have a really spiritual lesson with him.

Then today we went to the Laguna Magdelana and Jose is going to be baptized tonight!

I got your package! I already opened up three because I was too excited to wait. I love you guys!

Also, at 4 on Thursday we will skype. Is that okay?

I love you guys!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Letter 38 - Jesús es mi luz!

Hola mi familia preciosa! Les amo mucho! No puedo esperar hasta el 25 para poder hablar con ustedes. 

Well, this week was super great!

Monday night we had a great lesson with Jose. He is 16 and wants to be baptized.. but, his mom doesnt want him to get baptized.. but, we said a pray with him and gave him advice of how to tell his mom. Then we went to visit him on Tuesday and his mom said that he could be baptized! He was so happy! He was crying when he told us! He wants to be baptized on the 22nd of this month. It is a monday and his birthday. We asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said he just wants to be baptized! It was so cool! The Gospel really does change lives. I am a witness. Then we went to the house of Venicio. He is a Menos Activo and his wife isnt a member. We shared El es la dadviva. It is the church inciative right now. Then I sang Where can I turn for peace. The spirit was SO strong and every one was crying! Then at like 830 two men on a motorcycle follow us! They were saying Canchi! Canchi! Saludarme! So we cut through the park.. but, right when we exited they were waiting and put the motorcycle in front of us. So, we walked really fast to this house of a menos activa and waited for a bit. It was scary. My companion told me that men here like me a lot more than her other companion.. haha I was flattered and a little bit freaked out all at the same time haha Also, a guy tried to kiss me! My companion said I looked like spiderman or the karate kid because I freaked out!

On Tuesday I only have 100 days until I hit a year! Time is too fast! We had our zone meeting too! It was so good! We shared our testimonies about our baptism! Then we went to The Familia Brans house and he has been looking for work for ever! He said that finally! A guy offered him a job but, it required him to work sundays.. so he turned it down! I was so proud of him! Then we went with Edgar and Brenda. Edgar is an investigator and Brenda is a menos activa. Edgar told me that ever since I got here he can tell a difference and that he can feel the importance of this message. That made me feel good.

Then on Wednesday we got to go to Quilinco! It is really far away at the top of a mountain! The elders that share our area are located there. but, they asked us to help them out with one of their investigators. It is so beautiful there! You can pretty much see everything from the top! Then we went to Renes house to bring him in his wife to a noche de hogar. When we entered, Daniela started to cry and said that they have so many problems and a lot of other stuff. Satan is really attacking them because he doesnt want Rene to be baptized. But, then we prayed with them and went to the noche de hogar and everything was great!

Then on thursday we went to a lesson with Jose and Rosi. Rosi had a booger and Jose picked it for her! haha it was so weird! It was in the middle of the lesson! You know when someone has a booger but, you dont want to make them feel bad so you dont tell them? It was one of those situations.. after he picked it my comp and I were dying laughing and I was crying! She said why did you do that? haha it was hilarious. Then we had a lesson with Rene. Haha I have a DVD that has my name on it.. and he saw it a few days before that.. so, sometimes he calls me Natalie now. It is hilarious. But, you have to know him to understand. He just does it to mess around. But, he told us that he knows everything is true but, that he just doesnt have the desire to be baptized. He is SO close!!!!

Then on Friday in the morning we didnt have elecricity because Hermana Fabian was plugging her speakers into the wall last night and she got elecrticuted and all of our light went out! So we went to shower at our next door neighbors house. Then our landlord came to fix the light. He entered our house and was working... it was awkward because we arent supposed to be only with men in our house.. But, we didnt know what to do! haha Then we went to visit Julie she is 15 and pregnant. She told us she wants to be baptized on the 3rd of January! But, my favorite part of this day is that we went with Rene and just bore our testimonies! There is an extreme power in bearing testimonies. The spirit was so strong! He told us that he has been thinking and he wants to get baptized. He is going to tell us on the 31st of this month what day he will be baptized in January. I am so excited! He has been meeting with missionaries for 6 years!! Finally is his time to shine!

Then on Saturday I taught my second English class! We had 6 people come this time. It was so good! They are all motivated to learn english through the gospel!

Then on Sunday a man in our ward was hitting on me! He told me he wanted me to come to his house and a bunch of other weird stuff! A guy in our ward told us that he is really smart and that he knows 5 different languages and that thanks to studying so much he went crazy. He also proposed to the last gringa here in Chiantla.. uh oh. Then we had a fantastic lesson with Venicio and Mariola. They are going to start saying family prayers! Then when we were giving our numbers to the zone leaders at night, they said WHOA! You guys have had the best dats in the zone in these past three weeks! That made us feel great!

This week we had 19 lessons with members and only 3 without. The work is so much easier if we bring members with us! Ask the elders in our ward to go out with them! They will be thrilled!

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that this is HIS church. I know that the Book of Mormon is real and that we WILL get closer to God by abiding by its precepts more than any other book. I love this work. I love that I am helping people know about the road to their salvation.

I love you guys! I cant wait to talk to you next week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough