Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 37 - Chiantla es lo mejor!


Hola familia! Les amo!

This zone is really different from my last zone. I love this zone.. but, I was in love with my last one. We were all homies in my last zone.. best friends. In this zone we dont do anything! It is sad! There are some ruins here in huehue that I want to go see... but, they dont want to go because they have been there a lot! jaja so we will see what happens! There are 14 elders and only 4 sisters and the elders tend to leave us out... oh well. This morning we had to go to the center of huehue to get flu shots. My arm hurts so bad!

On Tuesday we went to our zone meeting.. It was Elder Mus´s birthday and they had a pinata that looked like a missionary! It was so fun! Hermana Fabian had to give a role play in front of everyone on the spot. It was SO much fun! After everyone was like WOW! The hermanas in Chiantla are bien pilas! We were supposed to go meet with the Familia Bran at 4 but we got a message that said Hey hermanas, we wont be home because we are in huehue.. We didnt have the number saved... but, we assumed it was them because they had told us that he had an interview for a job in huehue.. so we responded Good luck in your interview.. you will be great! and The relief society wanted to go meet with them too.. so we called the president and told her that they werent going to be home. Then we went in the night and came to find out that the message wasnt from them! I guess bad things had been happening to them all day! They didnt have the money to go to his interview.. so they didnt go. Then his brother called him and told him that they were theifs and a bunch of other stuff... then he was really really sick! I thought he was going to die in front of our eyes! And we could not find out who sent us this message! Satan was working really hard! But, I told them to read one chapter in the Book of Mormon and that God would take away the pain for the night.. They did! And it worked! I love the spirit!

On Wednesday night we were walking to an appointment with a member.. and he was in the street with my comp and I was just up on the side walk walking.. and I was looking at them.. and I ran into a pole! It hurt so bad. Luckily just us three were there. But, my comp could not stop laughing haha I hit that pole so hard! Then we went with Hermano Rene.. and it was really spiritual with this hermano that we brought. Working with members is the best! Try to go out with the missionaries.. at least one day per week! It helps SO much! We have been working with the members a lot lately! We had 15 lessons with member this week and only 4 others! Then we went to go buy a cake and we entered this cake store and the woman started crying! She said that she was praying for us to find her. She said that she is a member of the church.. she showed us her CTR ring and said that she is sad because right now she cant go to church because her job makes her work sundays.. So, we have been visiting her a lot this week and looking for a new job for her. The member that was with us gave her a blessing and we werew accidently an hour late getting home! My first time that late in my mission!

Then on Thursday The Bran familia had their entrevistas for baptism. They all passed! It was so good! Our district leader Elder Herrera gave the intervierws. He is so cool. Then at night we were talking about the Christmas inciativa that the church is doing to the members.. and A return missionary told my companion that I am bien pilas. It made me feel really good! haha
Guatemala's newest Members

Then on Friday in the night we were waiting to catch a bus to go home.. and none of them were stopping.. but, finally one stopped without us even signaling to it! But, when we entered we realized we were the ONLY people in the bus with these 4 men in charge of the bus. I was scared.. but, then they started blasting Party Rock Anthem haha They were all dancing and they were so funny. Then when we asked how much it was.. He said 1 quet.. and we thought it was super weird because the smaller buses usually cost more.. then my comp said sorry but I dont have change. She only had a 10 and then they said well then it is nothing and we got off haha it was so funny! and weird! Then we got off the bus and all of the light in Chiantla went out! I could hardly even seee my hand in front of my face! So, we went to a members house close by and had a mini family home evening with them. They made me sing in english for them haha it was fun.

On Saturday I taught my first english class! Only 2 people came... but, we still had a good time! Then we had to go to huehue to give some stuff to our Zone leaders. It was a fun adventure! Then we went to the Chapel to set up the stuff for the baptism! It was so beautiful! My comp and I sang and Elder Chavez played the piano for us. It was great! But, during the baptism.. People were fighting out side in the street! One person was SCREAMING ¨MATARLO! MATARLO!¨Which means Kill him! Kill him! and they were saying a bunch opf really bad words! It was scary.. but, luckilky in the baptism there was an offduty cop and he went outside to take care of it. Then we had a lesson with Rene and he told us that he had a dream about the Book of Mormon! He said he knows that it is true and that the church is true.. but, that he is afraid to get baptized because he is afraid of making mistakes after his baptism. I am pretty sure he will be baptized.. We told him that this is the reason we have the Atonement and the Sacrament. We are hoping this Saturday he will be baptized. 
Hermana Bullough's area is very hilly!!

Then Yesterday the familia Bran was confirmed. Rene came to church! Then we went with Nebia.. We were all bearing our testimonies... and I started to cry and told her that I feel so Stupid every single day because spanish is really hard and people look at me like I dont know anything. But, that I am here because I know this is true and that this is the only way to our salvation. She was crying and told us she wants to be baptized but nmot without her husband.. and he doesnt want anything to do with us.. Then we went to visit with Jose.. He has 16 years. He told us he wants to be baptized on the 22nd of this month! His birthday! Then we went to the Christmas devotional and I was so BAGGY. I miss you guys so much! The Taburnacle choir was perfect.

I am so excited to talk to you guys in a few weeks!

I know that this Church is the true church. I know that Jesus Christ lives. and that He loves us so much that He was willing to die for us.. and He did. Remember that this Christmas.. He is the gift.

I love you guys!
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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