Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Letter 42 - Hola!

Hola familia! Como han estado? Como les va?

Unfortunately the internet cafe that we are in doesnt let me download pictures! So, you guys will have to wait until next week to know what my companion looks like! Sorry!

Martes we left for Xela at about 11am. We got to Xela at about 2! My companion is DARLING! Her name is Hermana Arellano from Puebla Mexico. She is really girly, she wants to work, she is always smiling, and she is a good missionary. We get along really really well. Both of my hijas in the mission are from Mexico! How fun! I found out that Elder Tolefoa is in Quilinco! We shared my first area together 7 months! and now we are sharing this area! That is so crazy! haha

Miercoles we had our zone meeting. It was SO good! Our new zone leader is Elder Bryan. He is so good! He is so spiritual! He has the whole zone on a leash! Seriously haha Then we taught Mariola, Mauro, and Carlos at night. There dad is a menos activo. The kids have always really wanted to get baptized... but the mom no. So, we taught them about the Restoration.. We asked Mariola if she was scared. and she said yes because her whole family is catholic. But, then we asked her if she believes our message is true.. and she said yes. So, we invited her to be baptized! She accepted! They will probably baptized on the 31st of this month! I am so excited!

On Thursday we went to Renes house. He wasnt there at first, but, when he came home his eyes were so red. I thought for sure he was smoking. But, then he started to cry! Rene is a nurse. But he has another job where he goes to investigate deaths of people. He told us that he went to a house about an hour away from here. They only had a christmas ornament hanging on the wall because they couldnt afford a tree. They only have dirt floor. They all sleep on the floor. There is 6 kids and the dad. The mom died giving birth to their seventh child. The kid lived.. but, the dad didnt know what to do with it... so he gave it away. Rene was crying so hard. These people dont have anything! It was a really touching story. On the way home Rene had a really sacred experience that strengthened my testimony. I know that Jesus Christ lives.

On friday night we had a really intweresting experience. After walking out of a lesson at like 830, my companion turned to me and said Hermana, that man is following us. But, I turned around and the man looked normal and I said Buenas Noches! and we kept walking. But, then I realized that he really was following us! So, my companion looked at me and said what do we do? We cant walk to our next cita with him following us. So, I saw 2 teenagers walking.. I said were are going to talk to them! When we walked up to them, the guy that was following us walked up behind them and just stared at us. So, I said to these people can we walk with you guys for a little bit? Luckily they said yes and we explained the situation.. The guy continued to follow us! We walked through the park.. and I said we need to talk to the police! so, we went and talked to the police and they talked to this man. The man said that we had talked to him.. I have never seen him in my life! They also said that he was a little bit drunk too. But, that was crazy!

Saturday Elder Bryan and Elder Pagan came to a cita with us. They are our zone leaders! It went really well! Elder Bryan is so cool! He is a really good missionary.

Sunday we had 8 investigators in church! That is a good number! It is because the members are starting to help us! Then we had a lesson with Klismar in the night and he accepted our invitation to be baptized! He is 15, so he still needs to talk to his parents.. but, I know that he will be baptized!

The last words of Joseph smith were I know that I wont return this time, but, I know that Jesus Christ lives. because I saw him face to face. I want you guys to know that I know that Jesus Christ lives. Not because I have seen Him. But, because I have felt Him in my life. I know that He lives. We can all know that He lives as we try to become more like Him.

I love you guys and I pray for you guys!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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