Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Letter 10 .

Hola mi familia! Que tal estan?

On Tuesday I got to go to the Quetzaltenango Temple with our Rama! We didnt get to do a session unfortunatley... but, we brought investigators and had a lesson with them on the Plan of Salvation and then went into the waiting room in the Temple and watched the Joseph Smith movie. Our investigator Juan came. Man, he is the most active non member ever! haha he comes to everything! But, he doesnt want to get baptized because he doesnt feel like he has recieved his answer yet. 

On Wednesday night we taught one of our investigators named Wendy. She is 16. She seemed very uninterested and wasnt relly listening. My companion was giving the first part of the lesson and then asked her what we taught her so far and she couldnt answer. My companion was pretty annoyed... but I remember that we needed to be so loving in order for this girl to listen to us... so I said "Wendy, our message is a message of love. If you want us to leave, we can leave right now... but, we are only here because we love you and we know that our message can help you." I said some other stuff that I cant remember (I definitely think the Spirit was helping me with my words!) but, after I talked to her, we invited her to church and she accepted! She is seriously the sweetest. I know that she will be baptized! 

On Friday I got to go to Esperenza for divisions. I was with Hermana Mcgill. I seriously love her! She has one year on the mission. I learned so much from her! It was so nice to be able to speak english for once! haha 

On Saturday we ate at a members house and then went to our investigator Marcellas house. She wants to be baptized... but, I think she is just using us because we wash her clothes and dishes for her. She wouldnt go to church yesterday because we didnt finish her clothes... We didnt finish... because I started to feel really sick while we were there. We got home for language study and I took a nap instead of studying. I felt alright when I woke up and we had a lesson in Siguila which is a 7 minute bus ride away. We were combining with the Elders because one of the Elders could relate to our investigator Antoni. I felt SO sick... So, I ended up laying down on the couch and sleeping during the lesson. Then luckily, our San Mateo Elders happened to be walking by and helped me get home! They carried our stuff so Hermana Madrid could help me walk. The Elders asked me if I wanted a blessing... but, I said no because I know how sacred the priesthood is and I had just gotten one from them. After they left I started throwing up a ton! I couldnt walk! So, after about two hours I had my companion call the Elders to give me a blessing. I felt good enough to atleast sleep after the Elders gave me the blessing. I know it is because of the power of the priesthood!

I was still really sick on Sunday.. so I had to miss church :( I absolutely hate missing church! I was suppose to sing in sacrament meeting and teach gospel principles! They brought us the sacrament after church. Hermana Madrid had her patriarchal blessing yesterday though.. so, I got dressed and we took a 30 minute bus ride to the patriarchs home. It was cool to see a blessing done in Spanish! 

We had a meeting at the church sunday night about Templos! There was a slide show of Temples and it showed both the Denver Templo and the Fort Collins Templo! I got teary eyed when I saw them! I miss going to the Temple so much! 

I had a really really bad fever! It is a custom here to kiss the cheeks of people when you greet them and everytime I did that, everyone commented on how hot I was. two of the ladies in my branch wanted to take me to the hospital. I told them it wasnt necessary.

Then we went to a meeting with a less active named Jaidy. She lives pretty far away and is only available on sunday nights, so my companion told me that we couldnt go visit her haha but, I told her we needed to! Heavenly Father wants Jaidy back too! So, we went with our ward mission leader and his mom. I am so glad we went! Jaidy is having some troubles! Her testimony is really struggling! Hopefully we planted a seed! She wants to meet with us again. I bore my testimony about how I know with all my heart that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true! I told her that it is really difficult for me to be here because I dont know spanish and Im sick all of the time but Im here because I know it is true! 

My camera is kind of broken. It works to take pictures... but, the delete button doesnt work. dumb. haha

I love you guys! 

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Letter 9 - Hola!

Hola Familia!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY MOM!!!!! I love you so much and I thought about you all day long! I kept telling people it was your birthday I have so much to say about this week!!!!

For starters... Elder Roach, one of the Elders that shares our rama area, reminds me SO much of Brexan Koerner. haha He kind of looks like him and all of his mannerisms are the same

Men whistle and blow kisses at my like literally 50 times a day. And if they know any English, they try to speak to me in English. It is usually something like "Hello pretty woman" haha I have started saying "Gracias!" while I keep walking after they hoot and holler.

The other day we were walking in San Mateo Central and I saw this woman, and I smiled and said "Hola Hermana" and she said come to my house! So, we went to her house and taught her the first lesson. My companion asked her why she invited us to her home, and she said because I had smiled at her and said hello! You never know how far a simple smile and hello can go! So, smile often and say hello to everyone!

On Saturday night, we had our ward cultural night. It is like a big talent show. I sang "I feel my Saviors love" with Elder Toleafoa. It was so good. He sang the first verse in Spanish, I sang the second verse in English and then we combined in Spanish for the third. I have a video Im going to try and send today.

On Saturday we were on our way to the church and some teenage boys whistled and blew kisses at me, and I said my usual "Gracias" and the next thing I knew they were throwing rocks with slingshots! I have welts all over my body! It hurt really bad.

Dad! I got your DearElder! Here is the deal, I get them once a week at District meetings! Hand written letters are nice, but, send me dearelders too! It is always nice to get them!!!!
Can you send me Sarah and Rob, Heather and John, James, Kayla Goodson, and Janae's addresses? I want to write them.

We ate lunch at a members house on Wednesday, and there were ants in my food! I ate it anyway. People here feed us all they can afford.

Presidente Bautista came to Companionship study and then our lesson with Juan on Friday. President Bautista told me that he was really impressed with me as a teacher and that my Spanish is coming along great!

We asked Juan to pray specifically about his baptism date for this Saturday. When we saw him yesterday, I asked him about it and he said that he hasn't received his answer yet. I know he knows it is true! I think he is expecting some kind of vision or something. But, I asked him, I said "Juan, why do you keep coming to church, activities, and meeting with us? It is because it feels good. That is the spirit telling you it is true!" He just looked down at the ground. I know he will be baptized eventually. But, it is a BIG step!

Oh! On Thursday, we had finished teaching a lesson to Edelmira and when we walked out there was this really old lady crying. She is a mute. She doesn't have shoes! We asked her what was wrong, and she kept pointing at her hip! So, we called the Elders and they gave her a blessing! Then she stopped crying! It was awesome! We walked her home! She walks really slow and with a cane. When we got to her "House", we were sort of talking loud and she kept motioning for us to be quiet and kept motioning like someone was going to take us! It was really scary! We got out of there quick! Then Bryan, our ward mission leader said that we shouldn't go into that part of town at night time by ourselves because of the dronas (Thieves) it was creepy.

So, my companion has this calendar, it is one of those ones where you tear the day off everyday. It is in English and has a bunch of inappropriate jokes on it. She always asks me what they mean haha it is hilarious.

I am sick everyday, I get rocks thrown at me, I eat food covered in ants, and I have NEVER been happier. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know it with all my heart more than anything else. I just finished the Book of Mormon. It is truly the word of God. I have realized that When I am in my comfort Zone, there is no growth, so I am happy to be out of my comfort zone. I am learning to trust in the Lord and I am growing more than ever.

I love you guys so much! Sellado Con Besos!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough


New Photos from Rainy Guatemala

Hermanas Bullough and Madrid

Hermana Bullough in her favorite color

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Letter 8 - Huesos not Juevos


It was so much fun to talk to you guys on Saturday! I love you guys so much!!!! Ill start off by explaining the title of this email. We were teaching lesson one to one of our investigators. I was saying Dios tiene un cuerpo de carne y juevos.... It turns out I said God has a body of flesh and eggs. haha I meant bones. which is Huesos. LOL My companion and the investigator just started laughing so hard haha It was funny! 

I am in love with Mangos. They are so delicious. 

I had a really cool experience in our lesson with Juan the other day. Juan is awesome. On my first day in the mission field, we saw him and my companion told me that Juan didnt want to meet with them anymore because my companions last companion had said something that he didnt agree with. Well, I turned to my companion that first day and said I want to teach him. So we went over to him and in my broken spanish I told him. So we taught him a few times and everything was back on track. He is really making the effort to know the church is true. I know he knows its true. Anyway, I had been studying in my personal study the nature of God and had studied a scripture about how God and Jesus Christ have bodies of flesh and bones and how the Holy Ghost does not. Anyway, in the lesson, he was saying something about the nature of God... I wasnt really sure what he was saying, but I remembered that scripture. I didnt remember where it was though and I only had my spanish scriptures. but, then doctrine and covenants 130 popped into my head and I was able to find it. This was the first time I actually recognized the Holy Ghost giving me the answer. It is so true that if we do our part, we will be given the answer in the time of need.

On Saturdsay it was mothers day here. We woke up at 3am to go with our ward to sing to all of the moms in the ward and give them chocolate. It was really fun. I was really tired the next day though lol

On Sunday and 2am I woke up with terrible diarhea and vomiting like crazy. I threw up about every 20 minutes until noon. We missed church. It was really sad because Juan, our most progressing investigator was ghoing to be there. One of the ward members picked him up. so he went. The elders came over and gave me a blessing around 630am. Elder Toleafoa gave the blessing. It was so good! He not only blessed me with health, but gave me a blessing of faith and hope. He told me that Heavenly Father gave me this sickness to test my faith and to make me stronger. it was really cool. I really love the elders in my rama. I felt better around noon, just sore. I know it is the priesthood blessing that healed me. Fielding and Oliver, priests in our rama brought the sacrament to us. It was awesome! 

I went to the capital to sign my visa on monday morning at 3 am. It was a 4 hour bus ride! We spent sunday night in the mission home. It was like a big sleep over with all of my girlfriends from the CCM. I love sister Marcheschi so much. She is only about 30 minutes away from my area. When we got to Guate we went to a pancake place for breakfast and Mcdonalds for lunch!!! It was so nice to have normal food haha Signing our VISA literally took 2 seconds haha but, we spent the day in Guate. I met a girl that knows Caroline Bullough. I cant remember her name, but it was cool. She used to be in their ward. I saw Hermana Flewallen and Hermana Mckee while in Guate. It was so awesome! It was so much fun to be with my CCM family again. I love them sdo much.

Unfortunatley no pictures this week because the computer Im on doesnt do it.

but, I love you guys a lot and pray for you.

Con Amor,
Hermana Bullough

Monday, May 5, 2014

Letter 7 - Siempre Milagros!

Hola Familia! Que tal estamos?!

I want to start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE being a missionary. Im getting teary eyed just writing that! God loves me so much and I am more than willing to do anything it takes to bring His children back into the fold. 

Okay, my area is called San Mateo. Unfortunatley I dont have an actual address for my house. No one does haha The way people talk about where they live is "I live by the house with the dead dog in front of it" haha It is crazy! But, I am about 20 minutes outside of Xela. 

I rode to Quetzaltenango with 10 other missionaries from the CCM. It took us 4 hours! It was so much fun though! I miss my CCM familiy. I consider all of them my brothers and sisters. 

We got to Presidente Bautistas home around 12. The Assistants to the President addressed us and talked about mission rules and what not. I met with President Bautista and his wife separatley. I love them! They were so excited to find out that Bishop Lindsey is my Bishop! I gave them the letters. 

We talked and had mini workshops for a few hours, and then a ton of missionaries got to their home... our trainers. I was SO nervous! But, I looked at one of the Sisters, and I just knew that she was going to be my trainer! Hermana Madrid! She is from Honduras! I love her so much!!! She is seriously the best! She doesn't speak any english... but, I am so grateful for that. I learn so much every single day! I'm feeling pretty confident with my spanish... well, sort of. haha I can atleast get my point across! 

There is a Walmart here, not in San Mateo, but in Xela. We're not allowed to go there. I don't know why. 

Okay, so after meeting my companion, we were off! We took this really crazy bus. You know the white buses in America... known as the "The kidnapping" cars?! Well, that is what they look like, with a ton of people packed in side. There is no speed limit here. It is super scary! So, since the car is pretty small, the guy put one of my bags under the seat. (my black one). When we got off, It was POURING rain, and I realized I didn't have that bag! It had EVERYTHING in it that I needed to get ready! There is NO organized bus system here, so we got on another bus and began to ride, trying to catch up with the other bus. I just kept thinking to myself, there is no way Im going to find this bag, so I turned to my companion and asked if we could pray. She prayed. A little bit later, a thought popped into my head "If you go work, God will get your bag for you." so I turned to my companion and told her. So, we got off the bus and started contacting. and literally like 15 minutes later, WE FOUND THE BUS and he gave me back my bag. I am so grateful! When we do what the Lord asks, He truly blesses us.

On Thursday, we went to go meet this woman named Eulalia. She doesn't have a left eye and her son has some sort of mental retardation. He is 40 and she is 84. They live in a home put together by metal and they have dirt floors. Flys are everywhere! We started teaching lesson one, and I said the first vision! It was awesome! Then she started talking about how she feels like she has been cursed because she lost her left eye and her son is special. She started talking about how she had a "wounded soul." I had the strongest feeling that I needed to read 2 scriptures. one in 3 Nefi 5 13 and the other in Jacob 2 8 The one in 3 nefi says "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have ever lasting life." and then I read the one in Jacob "And it supposeth me that they have come up hither to hear the pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul." She started crying and in the best Spanish that I could I bore my testimony. I said " We are disciples of Jesus Christ. His message heals our wounded souls." Then I asked her to be baptized and she accepted!!!! It is so true what the scripture says in Doctrina y convenios 18 that How great will be our joy if we bring people unto Him. My joy is GREAT!!! The spirit was the strongest I have ever felt before.

We had 5 investigadores at church yesterday. 2 of them were Eulalia and her son! My heart is full! 

We eat lunch at members houses everyday. The first day I was really nervous, because there were weird things floating in my drink and I could tell if what I was eating was chicken or a dried up sock. but, that has been the only questionable meal. I LOVE the food here so much! The people are SO humble. They have nothing. They give all they have to the Lord. We ate lunch at this members house on Friday, we always eat with the Elders that cover the same area. Were are in a branch. We ate at Hermana Floris house. After each meal, we share a scripture. Hermana Madrid always has me do it so I can learn Spanish. Oh and she has only been out for 3 months. anyway, I shared 3 nephi 11 15 (go read it) and then I talked about how I know that Jesus Christ thought about each and every one of us one by one as he suffered on the cross. Then I told her that coming on a mission and having to learn spanish is really hard for me. But, that Im doing it because I love Jesus Christ and God. Every one there was crying! 

Ooh send letters to
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough 
Mision Guatemala Quetzaltenango
5a Calle 14-35, Zona 3 
09001 Apratado Postal: 206 
Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Send Packages to
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough 
Mision Guatemala Quetzaltenango
5a Calle 14-35 Zona 3
09001 Quetzaltenango

Bullough or "Bolo" in Spanish means "drunk" so I have to go by Boooolough. haha When I first got here everyone kept laughing that my name was Bullough. There are a ton of drunk people here. ALL over the place. The walk all crazy stumbling and sometimes you see people crashed out on the side of the road just laying with there face in the dirt. We always leave pamphlets with them LOL 

Boys and men always whistle at me and call me stuff. It makes me really uncomfortable. haha

There are wild dogs EVERYWHERE! There will be a picture. 

My companions last comp had red hair and she was from Colorado. She finished her mission. But no one here liked her! They all talk about how mean she was! LOL I guess Im a breath of fresh air!

We work so hard! We more than doubled every goal we had for May 2nd. It was awesome! My feet bleed a lot from walking so much. We walk probably close to 10 or 15 miles a day. Our area is huge! 

We had a woman named Reina come up to us on Friday night and ask if she could go to church with us on Sunday! When we went to go get her on sunday, she wasnt ready and said that she had other things to do that day but that she wants to go next week... so lets hope! 

SO, Mothers day... We can skype, but on Saturday at 3. I will sign into my natalieb695 skype. 

Did you know it is a commandment to learn english? So, my companion and I read the Book of Mormon in English and Spanish during companion language study. She reads verse one in english, and I read the same verse in Spanish. There is power that comes from reading the Book of Mormon. It makes it easier to learn Spanish. 

Remember that there is no need for an appointment to pray. You can pray any time and anywhere and I know that God hears and answers every single prayer. 

d y c 130:19 talks about how diligence is better than intelligence. I like that a lot, It helps me work harder. Diligence is intelligence. 

If we can become Gods and Godessess- then we can do anything! I can learn Spanish! 

In Doctrine and Covenants 6:36 it says Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not." With the Lord, we can do ANYTHING! " One of the great teachings of the Man of galilee, the Lord Jesus Christ, was that you and I carry within us immense possibilities. In urging us to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect, Jesus was not taunting us or teasing us. He was telling us a powerful truth about our possibilites and about our potencial. It is a truth almost too stunning to contemplate." 

I love you guys with all my heart. Pictures next week. I couldnt get it to work.

Hermana Bullough

Letter 6 - Milagros!

Hola Familia! Como esta?! Sorry I don't answer your questions
sometimes- we really don't have like ANY time to write! Mom, I pray
for you multiple times a day and always have a prayer in my heart! I
hope all works out with your recent medical issues. I'll start off
with a typical day at the CCM. 6:29- ARISE (This is where it all
starts!) Take shower! Get ready for the day! Tell yourself you are
going to be the best missionary ever! 7:30 DESYAUNO. The food here is
pretty good! Pero, the breakfast food isn't my favorite!!!! 8:00 ESTUDIO PERSONAL. I study PMG (You guys should start studying it as a
family!), Read The Book of Mormon, The New Testament, the Missionary
Handbook- and anything else I can get my hands on! 9:00 ESTUDIO IDIOMA
We have these super helpful red books that I hate! haha Chiste! I
don't really hate them! They are so useful! They pretty much cover
everything you need to know to learn Spanish! And the teachers here
just kind of expect you to learn on your own! LOL 10:00 ESTUDIO
ASESORADO The teachers teach us the Gospel. ALL in Spanish! It was way
frusterating at first- because we didn't even understand anything-
pero, now things are becoming better! The Gift of Tongues is real!
11:00 GRAMMER They go over the grammer that we were to study during
personal study! It is pretty helpful! 12:00 ALMUERZO YUM!!! I love the
lunch here so much! Sometimes they have this Cafe Rio type stuff and
it is WONDERFUL!!!! 1:00 TALL It is a computer program where we learn
more grammer and such for the Gospel! It is awesome! EVERY SINGLE TIME
we go into the computer room- Elder Wright says "My LDS mail orrrrr
Tall?" haha it is funny! 2:00 COMPANION STUDY OR TEACHING. We have
"Fake" investigators that we plan for and teach. We do it in the
morning and at night. We have two. We taught them for the last time on
Saturday night! The Elders alternate mornings and nights with us so we
teach once a day. 3:30 DEPORTES We ALWAYS play four square, Knock out,
or Volleyball. Elder Wright accidently kicked the volleyball over the
fence two weeks ago- and they wouldn't go get it- so that was sad LOL
but also so funny! He is hilarious! 4:30 SHOWER prepare for evening
classes! 5:00 CENA. The food is SO good! I love it so much!!!! 6:00 ESTUDIO ASESORADO with our other teacher. They go over grammer and
such again. 7:30 REFFACION. Just a little treat and opportunidad to
talk to Latinas! 8:00 ENSENAR or COMPANION STUDY 9:00 PLAN 9:30 GO TO
ROOM, write in journal brush teeth, pray 10:30- lights out! That is
what we did EVERY SINGLE DAY! I loved the CCM so much- but, I am so
excited to leave! I leave tomorrow morning at 7am! I'm not even
scared! I am so pumped! Yesterday- we had meetings all day long that
just got me so fired up! My companion left this morning- so now I'm in
a temporary trio with Howard and Marcheschi! I love them so darn much!
They are seriously like the nicest girls ever!!!! One of the things
talked about yesterday at our meeting was that when we get to our new
apartment with our new companion and they say "unpack!" you say "I
want to go meet the Bishop!" I;m going to say "Quiero ha trabajar"
Because- I'm not going to waste any time! When we get to the Bishops
house- I'm going to introduce myself and ask him if it would be
alright for me to introduce myself in Sacrament Meeting that next
sunday. and here is the important part. REFERRALS are EARNED. I'm not
going to ask for them until I have gained the Bishops and the members
trust. I want them to know that I am the hardest working missionary
out there! People don't want to give missionaries referrals when they
aren't hard working. That can be a turn off to investigators! I WANT
TO WORK. I loved Hermana Mckee so much... I felt bad- because she was
SO sick EVERY SINGLE DAY! I got to leave the CCM last week to go to
the hospital with her because they were so afraid she needed to get
her gall bladder removed! It taught me a lot of patience and made me
pray so hard for a healthy companion! I felt so bad for her! We missed
classes a lot because we were always with Hermana Burbidge the nurse!
But, Hermana Mckee will be great! She really knows how to Endure to
the End. It really bothered her that this has to be her mission trial!
We had a "When you get kidnapped" meeting last week haha They talked
about what to do when you get kidnapped! It was pretty funny- but,
don't worry- I wrote down all of the advise! Dad- will you accept all
of the people that add me on facebook? They are teachers and people
I've met here in Guatemala! OOOH! Tell Zack Rucker that I've told
every one that he is coming in August. They are excited to have him!
I'm going to end with a favorite scripture "Neverthless, ye are
blessed, for the testimony which ye have borne is recorded in heaven
for the angels to look upon; and they rejoice over you, and your sins
are forgiven you" Doctrina y Convenios 62:3 Share your testimony
whenever you get the chance! Angels rejoice when you do and your sins
are forgiven! Love you guys with all my heart!!!!!!! Sellado Con
Besos, Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough