Thursday, April 9, 2015

Letter 51 - Echando Fuego!

Hola mi querida familia!

Guatemala es mejor y mejor cada día. Estoy aprendiendo tantas cosas! Solo falto menos que 6 meses! El tiempo es bien rápido. No se preocupen! Ahora es el tiempo para echar todo mi fuego!

This week was so LOCA! Encerio, It was the ultima week of this change!

On Tuesday Hermana Farr and Hermana Peña called us and asked if we could go on divisiones with them. I went to Las victorias en cambote and Hermana Arellano stayed en Chiantla. I was super worried because we had 4 bautismos planned for the week and we were just finishing up the lessons they needed to prepare them for baptism.. It stressed me out to be so far away from Chiantla even if it was only for one day! But, Hermana Arellano did an excelente job. But, While I was with Hermana Farr we had to climb this really high mountain. I got SO sunburned. enseriously. Ouch! But, I love Hermana Farr. She is a really great misionera.

On Thursday we had four baptisimal interviews. We held them in the chapel because there were so many and our leader didnt want to go from house to house to house. It POURED rain... We were worried that they werent going to come for their interviews... but, they ALL came! What faith! Seriously! They all passed their interviews too!

On Friday Rosario got baptized! It was so great! I always want to get baptized again after seeing someone else get baptized. It is such a great experience!

On Saturday Marlon, Maria Fernanda, and Mari were all baptized! It was so much fun! And so many members came to support the baptisms! It was so much fun!

Then on Sunday we were so excited because they were all going to recibir the spirit! Maria Fernando didnt show up! I guess her family kicked her out of her house on saturday night because she got baptized. She is 20 and has a baby! She was scared and took a job to work on Sundays! Ugh! But, we are trying to find her a different work.

Quiero que sepan que se que La Iglesia de Jesucristo do los Santos de los ultimos dias es la iglesia verdadera y la unica iglesia sobre la faz de la tierra que tiene la autoridad para realizar las ordenanzas necesarias para la salvacion. Se que Jesucristo vive! Y gracias a que El vive, nunca nos va a dejar solos. El nos ama. El nos cuide. Y El nos conoce.

I love you guys! I dont have changes. I will be here for 6 more weeks with Hermana Arellano! Sorry, the computer I am on doesnt have a way to enviar fotos.. but, next week I will send you guys so many! Lo prometo!


Hermana Bullough

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