Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Letter 56 - Culebra Suelta!

Hola mi querida familia.

The title of my email is Cobra on the loose.. because some guy here in Chiantla thought it would be a good idea to buy a cobra and then let it loose.. it is also pregnant! Whoo hoo! I can just imagine the headlines on the news "White girl gets bit by a snake and dies in Guatemala!" jaja But, everyone here really is freaked out a little bit. It has already killed a cow, a dog, and a sheep! They said that if it bites a human.. the human would die in just 15 mintues! So, we will need to be a little bit careful until they find it.. but, the worse part is that snakes just leave their eggs around and dont stay to help them grow up.. so that means there will be a bunch of baby cobras here too! Ahh!

On Wednesday we had our interview with President Smith. It went well. One thing that he told me was that when we got baptized we made a covenant with God that we would read the Book of Mormon every single day until we die. and that we would also share the gospel with every one that we know. Every family should have there own family mission plan. You guys should sit down as a family and write down on a piece of paper all of the people that you know and figure out a plan for every single one of them. Some will reject it.. but, others are prepared, and if we dont share the gospel with all of the people we know, we will never know if they are prepared or not. Presidente Smith also said that to put our will with Gods will we just need to start trusting in Him. As we put our faith in Him and trust in Him, our love will grow for Him and we will wants to keep His commanments and we will have a desire to return back to Him.

On Saturday, Jhonatan was baptized. When he rised up from the water he gave Hermano Werner a huge hug. It made me cry. The gospel truly does change lives and change hearts. It was a really beautiful baptism.

I loved Dallins last letter. It made me cry. He is a good guy and I can tell that his mission really has changed him. I hope I will be able to say the same thing in 4 months when it is my turn to come home. I love you guys so much and really dont want to disappoint you guys. Sometimes I feel like I am really hard on myself. I know that I am trying my best.. but sometimes I feel like "my best" Just isnt enough. And it isnt. But, with Jesus Christ walking beside me, He can help me make up the rest. That is all I hope for. I am so weak and have a long way to go in this journey, but I knowk that if we endure to the end and hold on tight and dont give up, that this journey will be worth it. All of the tears, all of the heart breaks, all of the disappointments.. everything will be worth it in the end if we endured will and trusted in Jesus Christ and His infinite and everlasting Atonement. I know this to be true.

Les amo.
Hermana Bullough

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