Thursday, April 9, 2015

Letter 52 - Agradecida por un Profeta de Dios

Hola mi querida familia!

This week was perfect. It was a little bit hard because here in Guatemala Easter isnt just one day.. it is the whole semana! They call it Holy Week or La semana Santa! The majority of people go on vacations to the beach and what not.

On Tuesday in the morning we were doing our personal Study when someone knocked on our door. I went to the window to see who it was, when all of the sudden I saw Mario! Mario is the guy that has Schizophrenia. The guy that asked me to marry him a couple of weeks ago. He saw me!! He started to throw rocks at our door. He found out where we lived because on Sunday he followed us to our house. We let our Bishop know and a few other members know.. so hopefully this wont be a problem. Then in the evening we met with Claudia. She is the best. She told us that she will be baptized this Saturday. The 11th. I am so happy for her. She is making the best decision of her life. She is more active than some members. She goes to all of the activities and conferences and she is the best!

On Thursday a weird bee type animal bit hermana Arellano on her arm! She was practically crying! We went to a members house and the member was sucking out the venim. ew. jaja

On Friday here in Chiantla they did this huge production of the death of Christ. It was so sad. They had some actor guy carrying his cross through the streets of Chiantla. It made me sad. This is not a time to think about the death of Him, rather the Resurrection! He lives! And thanks to this, He can help us with whatever we need! 

I loved General Conference so much. Next general conference I will be home! I want to go see it live. Seriously. The majority of talks were centered around the family. I thought it was wonderful. When President Monson talked about Temples, it made me sad. Because as missionaries we only go every 6 months. The next time I go to the temple will be when I am coming home. But, when I get home, I want to go to the Temple so much. Seriously. The Temple is the reason we do everything. When we baptize someone, we are baptizing them with the Temple as their goal.

Dad, will you send me a CD with the version of I believe in Christ that they sang in conference? I loved it so much.

I am so grateful for a Prophet and Apostles. I know that they have been called of God in these the latter days. I know that Our Father in Heaven loves us. I know that Jesus Christ lives. He is not dead. He will be with us in every moment even when we think He is not. Everyday is a new day. We can change. The gopsel of Jesus Christ changes the hearts and the minds of people. I have seen this numerous times in my mission. Jesus Christ changes lives. I love Him and I know He loves me and I know He loves you. Look for that love!

Hermana Bullough

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