Thursday, October 2, 2014

Letter - 28 Quiero ser como Jesucristo

Mi familia! Las amo con todo mi corazon! Feliz Cumplianos SARAH!!!! I love you!

This weeks numbers were really low because we had conferences or something every single day.

Tuesday we had a multi zone conference with President Smith and his wife, and the surrounding zones of Xela. It was super good! They just talked a lot about how we can be better missionaries and they gave us tips to improve. I am always really inspired to do better after meetings like that! And then President Smith always feeds us a huge lunch after meetings! It was super yummy! I realized during this meeting that I have great potential to be a great missionary. I have many advantages that those around me dont have! I need to live up to my potential! I know it is super hard.. but, I also know that I can do it. Then we went and visted less active members in the night. It is siper annoying here in San Mateo because all of the less active members have the same thing in common and it is that they dont like the presidency in the rama. and our whole ward is pretty much related.. Ugh! Oh barbara!

Wednesday we had Zone meeting in the morning. I love Zone meeting SO much! It is so much fun to see everyone.. plus, I think I will probably have changes this change because I have been here for 6 months. But, after, we were walking to our lunch appointment, and out of no where... THE HUGEST RAINSTORM OF MY LIFE HAPPENED!!! It was like someone was just dumping a bucket of water on our heads! We arent really in a drought anymore. It has been raining everyday.. But, we were SOAKED for our lunch appointment, haha Hermana Garcia and I kept taking off our boots to let all of the water out of them haha Then we went to go teach our investigators Ebeline and Junie.. if you could pray for them by name would be great. This is a super cool story... a few weeks ago, I was walking past their house and had a feeling I needed to knock on the door.,.. but, we were in a hurry so I didnt. But, I kept thinking about their house! So, we went and we met Junie first and taught her the plan of salvacion. She was bien pilas and pretty much taught us the plan after! Then we went back a few days later and met her sister Ebeline and we taught them the Resoration. They are sisters they both of a daughters and they live with their husbands.. but when we asked them to be baptized... Ebeline said that she isnt baptized and would like to be. That was a super cool experience. The Spirit was so strong!

Then Thursday we had weekly planning! It is a good time to get organized with our investigators and their needs! Then we went to Hermana Lourdes house to make the cookies that mom sent! They were SO yummy! And our lunch appointment fell through.. so Hermana Lourdes fed us spaghetti! I havent had spaghetti FOREVER! It was so good! The elders didnt know that we had gotten lunch... so they bought us foot long buffalo sandwhiches! The elders are so nice! I feel like Elder Toleafoa is like my brother. We have been sharing this area for my whole mission! So, needless to say.. we were pretty full.. Hermano Rene gave us chuchitos in the night. They were so yummy! His wife told us that she has something to give us and asked what are favorite colors are... well, what hermana garcias is haha every one knows my favorite color... I am SO excited because she is SO stylish!!!! Then my companion said the f word. haha she said she heard it in a song... I was super surprised and said no diga eso! haha

Friday we were walking around in the morning inviting people to the stake relief society activity. We went to Jackys house and found out that her Cuinada was sick! She wanted to go to the activity! So, we called the Elders and they came to give her a blessing. First we explained what the Priesthood was and how blessings work through our faith. Elder Shoemaker gave the blessing. It was all in broken spanish.. but, after she said that she felt something that she had never felt before and that it was something really beautiful in side of her! It was so cool! I love the Priesthood! Then we went to the Stake Relief Society meeting. Every ward had a subject to talk about. They put us missionarys in charge. We talked about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End.

Saturday we were walking around telling people about the general womans conference. Then we had lunch with Samuel. He is a menos activo. He just got back from the states. He had a six month VISA. After lunch we had a LONG conversation about the gospel.. he told us he believes in the Johovahs witnessess... Sad day. My highlight of the day was when we went to the general womans broadcast. It made me miss mom. But, all of the talkes were SO good! I liked when they were talking about the woman that lost all of her kids.. and she found peace through the Temple. Cant wait to watch womans conference with you MOM!!! We also had 3 investigators come with us! So, that was great!!!

Sunday was great! As we were passing for investigators... a drunk man asked what time church starts and we told him nine... His face was really beat up.. it looked like someone punch him in the eye. After we told him what time.. he said OKAY I am going to go prepare myself haha then we passed by a tienda and he was buying stuff to remove paint to get high... hahaha I thought it was funny that he was preparing himself that way.. but, also really sad. The Primary Program happened too! It was SO different from the states. They didnt have music going with the kids as they sang and the power was out.. so they didnt have sound for the microphone. This also made me miss you, mom! We brought 4 girls. They are all 11 years old and younger. 3 of them were mad at the other girl. They were being so mean to her. It made me think of times when my friends would do stuff like that to me. Girls can be so catty. Then in the afternoon we went to Xela because my companion needed to go to Guate to sign her VISA. So, I was on divisions with Hermana Cadwell. I love her so much! She is a good missionary! We taught a family of four and they said they want to be baptized! So, we will see!

Then today we went to Hermana McGills house and played UNO and ate pizza. It was SO much fun! Can you send me uno in my next package please? I would love that so much!

I am super sad because I realized that I already have almost 7 months in my mission. I will never be a missionary in the same way again. I really need to work so hard now!

I know that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me. I know Jesus Christ lives. I love that I know these things!

Con Amor,
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough






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