Thursday, September 25, 2014

Letter - 27 Puchica

Hola mi familia!

This week was interesting!

On Tuesday morning I was great! I was studying in Doctrina y Convenios during my study personal and I came across section 58 verses 27 and 28. It talks about diligence and how we need to do these things according to our own free will. I love that a lot! Because sometimes I wait for people to tell me what to do. Then we had Zone meeting.. and I GOT YOUR PACKAGE! I loved it so much! I definitely hug the bear a lot! haha Then in the night time, Jacky made us and the elders dinner. Jacky is bien pilas! She has already read the Book of Mormon twice and she went and did baptisms for the dead last week. I love her so much!

A gift

On Wednesday we were suppose to have a multi Zone conference.. but, we woke up to tons of voice messages from our Zone Leader Elder Corbit. haha he is hilarious. The meeting was cancelled because there have been tons of protests because the government here wants to change the seed they use to grow their corn. A lot of the protests were happening in front of our house! I have pictures! haha They set off these really loud bombs that I hate. Then we were walking in the night time and passed by Pedro Lopez, he is a young man in our rama... he was walking and a drunk man had his arm around him and they were talking haha my companion and I passed him and realized what we had just seen, and turned around and said Pedro! Are you okay? haha and he said I am! It was funny.
Politics in San Mateo

Thursday we were in our house for the morning because we had weekly planning.. but also because the protestors were right outside our house! Then we met a new investigator named Emilio. He wants to get baptized.. but, he made a REALLY big mistake in Mexico like 4 months ago.. He is going to have to get permission from the first presidency and then wait for ever!

Friday was great! I completed 6 months in my mission! That means I am starting to hit days that I will be in our house this time next year! I burned my first bag. We had lunch with Hermana Flory. Her kids were watching Frozen in the other room.. I miss that movie SO much. We are going to have a family night with pizza and frozen when I get back!
Natalie with Miss San Mateo

Sabado There was a HUGE parade in San Mateo. So, basically everyone and there mom was at this parade. So, all of the citas that we had fell through.. but, we got to see a bit of the parade.. and it was fun! We had lunch with the familia Lopez and they fed us pollo campero! It was so good! Then Jairo velasquez came with us in the night to citas.. but, no one was home! It was super frustrating!

Sunday there was no one at church! Because the biggest parade was happening... so frustrating! People dont understand the importance of church of the sacrament. I am pretty much the branch music leader in our rama. It is fun! I also learned that when we have a hard time doing something that is good... we need to do that thing until we learn to love it. After church one of the young men gave me a white rose haha I thought it was funny. Then we met with Alan and his little brother. There parents werent home.. They are less actives. We shared the scripture in d and c 58 and told them that they need to use their agency to go to church... and then they were really motivated. Then we had correlation with Bryan in the night. He gave us some good tips and advice. I just want to do what the Savior wants.

I love you guys so much! You guys make me so happy! I miss you, but, I know that I am where I am suppose to be doing what the Lord wants me to do!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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