Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Letter 10 .

Hola mi familia! Que tal estan?

On Tuesday I got to go to the Quetzaltenango Temple with our Rama! We didnt get to do a session unfortunatley... but, we brought investigators and had a lesson with them on the Plan of Salvation and then went into the waiting room in the Temple and watched the Joseph Smith movie. Our investigator Juan came. Man, he is the most active non member ever! haha he comes to everything! But, he doesnt want to get baptized because he doesnt feel like he has recieved his answer yet. 

On Wednesday night we taught one of our investigators named Wendy. She is 16. She seemed very uninterested and wasnt relly listening. My companion was giving the first part of the lesson and then asked her what we taught her so far and she couldnt answer. My companion was pretty annoyed... but I remember that we needed to be so loving in order for this girl to listen to us... so I said "Wendy, our message is a message of love. If you want us to leave, we can leave right now... but, we are only here because we love you and we know that our message can help you." I said some other stuff that I cant remember (I definitely think the Spirit was helping me with my words!) but, after I talked to her, we invited her to church and she accepted! She is seriously the sweetest. I know that she will be baptized! 

On Friday I got to go to Esperenza for divisions. I was with Hermana Mcgill. I seriously love her! She has one year on the mission. I learned so much from her! It was so nice to be able to speak english for once! haha 

On Saturday we ate at a members house and then went to our investigator Marcellas house. She wants to be baptized... but, I think she is just using us because we wash her clothes and dishes for her. She wouldnt go to church yesterday because we didnt finish her clothes... We didnt finish... because I started to feel really sick while we were there. We got home for language study and I took a nap instead of studying. I felt alright when I woke up and we had a lesson in Siguila which is a 7 minute bus ride away. We were combining with the Elders because one of the Elders could relate to our investigator Antoni. I felt SO sick... So, I ended up laying down on the couch and sleeping during the lesson. Then luckily, our San Mateo Elders happened to be walking by and helped me get home! They carried our stuff so Hermana Madrid could help me walk. The Elders asked me if I wanted a blessing... but, I said no because I know how sacred the priesthood is and I had just gotten one from them. After they left I started throwing up a ton! I couldnt walk! So, after about two hours I had my companion call the Elders to give me a blessing. I felt good enough to atleast sleep after the Elders gave me the blessing. I know it is because of the power of the priesthood!

I was still really sick on Sunday.. so I had to miss church :( I absolutely hate missing church! I was suppose to sing in sacrament meeting and teach gospel principles! They brought us the sacrament after church. Hermana Madrid had her patriarchal blessing yesterday though.. so, I got dressed and we took a 30 minute bus ride to the patriarchs home. It was cool to see a blessing done in Spanish! 

We had a meeting at the church sunday night about Templos! There was a slide show of Temples and it showed both the Denver Templo and the Fort Collins Templo! I got teary eyed when I saw them! I miss going to the Temple so much! 

I had a really really bad fever! It is a custom here to kiss the cheeks of people when you greet them and everytime I did that, everyone commented on how hot I was. two of the ladies in my branch wanted to take me to the hospital. I told them it wasnt necessary.

Then we went to a meeting with a less active named Jaidy. She lives pretty far away and is only available on sunday nights, so my companion told me that we couldnt go visit her haha but, I told her we needed to! Heavenly Father wants Jaidy back too! So, we went with our ward mission leader and his mom. I am so glad we went! Jaidy is having some troubles! Her testimony is really struggling! Hopefully we planted a seed! She wants to meet with us again. I bore my testimony about how I know with all my heart that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true! I told her that it is really difficult for me to be here because I dont know spanish and Im sick all of the time but Im here because I know it is true! 

My camera is kind of broken. It works to take pictures... but, the delete button doesnt work. dumb. haha

I love you guys! 

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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