Monday, May 5, 2014

Letter 6 - Milagros!

Hola Familia! Como esta?! Sorry I don't answer your questions
sometimes- we really don't have like ANY time to write! Mom, I pray
for you multiple times a day and always have a prayer in my heart! I
hope all works out with your recent medical issues. I'll start off
with a typical day at the CCM. 6:29- ARISE (This is where it all
starts!) Take shower! Get ready for the day! Tell yourself you are
going to be the best missionary ever! 7:30 DESYAUNO. The food here is
pretty good! Pero, the breakfast food isn't my favorite!!!! 8:00 ESTUDIO PERSONAL. I study PMG (You guys should start studying it as a
family!), Read The Book of Mormon, The New Testament, the Missionary
Handbook- and anything else I can get my hands on! 9:00 ESTUDIO IDIOMA
We have these super helpful red books that I hate! haha Chiste! I
don't really hate them! They are so useful! They pretty much cover
everything you need to know to learn Spanish! And the teachers here
just kind of expect you to learn on your own! LOL 10:00 ESTUDIO
ASESORADO The teachers teach us the Gospel. ALL in Spanish! It was way
frusterating at first- because we didn't even understand anything-
pero, now things are becoming better! The Gift of Tongues is real!
11:00 GRAMMER They go over the grammer that we were to study during
personal study! It is pretty helpful! 12:00 ALMUERZO YUM!!! I love the
lunch here so much! Sometimes they have this Cafe Rio type stuff and
it is WONDERFUL!!!! 1:00 TALL It is a computer program where we learn
more grammer and such for the Gospel! It is awesome! EVERY SINGLE TIME
we go into the computer room- Elder Wright says "My LDS mail orrrrr
Tall?" haha it is funny! 2:00 COMPANION STUDY OR TEACHING. We have
"Fake" investigators that we plan for and teach. We do it in the
morning and at night. We have two. We taught them for the last time on
Saturday night! The Elders alternate mornings and nights with us so we
teach once a day. 3:30 DEPORTES We ALWAYS play four square, Knock out,
or Volleyball. Elder Wright accidently kicked the volleyball over the
fence two weeks ago- and they wouldn't go get it- so that was sad LOL
but also so funny! He is hilarious! 4:30 SHOWER prepare for evening
classes! 5:00 CENA. The food is SO good! I love it so much!!!! 6:00 ESTUDIO ASESORADO with our other teacher. They go over grammer and
such again. 7:30 REFFACION. Just a little treat and opportunidad to
talk to Latinas! 8:00 ENSENAR or COMPANION STUDY 9:00 PLAN 9:30 GO TO
ROOM, write in journal brush teeth, pray 10:30- lights out! That is
what we did EVERY SINGLE DAY! I loved the CCM so much- but, I am so
excited to leave! I leave tomorrow morning at 7am! I'm not even
scared! I am so pumped! Yesterday- we had meetings all day long that
just got me so fired up! My companion left this morning- so now I'm in
a temporary trio with Howard and Marcheschi! I love them so darn much!
They are seriously like the nicest girls ever!!!! One of the things
talked about yesterday at our meeting was that when we get to our new
apartment with our new companion and they say "unpack!" you say "I
want to go meet the Bishop!" I;m going to say "Quiero ha trabajar"
Because- I'm not going to waste any time! When we get to the Bishops
house- I'm going to introduce myself and ask him if it would be
alright for me to introduce myself in Sacrament Meeting that next
sunday. and here is the important part. REFERRALS are EARNED. I'm not
going to ask for them until I have gained the Bishops and the members
trust. I want them to know that I am the hardest working missionary
out there! People don't want to give missionaries referrals when they
aren't hard working. That can be a turn off to investigators! I WANT
TO WORK. I loved Hermana Mckee so much... I felt bad- because she was
SO sick EVERY SINGLE DAY! I got to leave the CCM last week to go to
the hospital with her because they were so afraid she needed to get
her gall bladder removed! It taught me a lot of patience and made me
pray so hard for a healthy companion! I felt so bad for her! We missed
classes a lot because we were always with Hermana Burbidge the nurse!
But, Hermana Mckee will be great! She really knows how to Endure to
the End. It really bothered her that this has to be her mission trial!
We had a "When you get kidnapped" meeting last week haha They talked
about what to do when you get kidnapped! It was pretty funny- but,
don't worry- I wrote down all of the advise! Dad- will you accept all
of the people that add me on facebook? They are teachers and people
I've met here in Guatemala! OOOH! Tell Zack Rucker that I've told
every one that he is coming in August. They are excited to have him!
I'm going to end with a favorite scripture "Neverthless, ye are
blessed, for the testimony which ye have borne is recorded in heaven
for the angels to look upon; and they rejoice over you, and your sins
are forgiven you" Doctrina y Convenios 62:3 Share your testimony
whenever you get the chance! Angels rejoice when you do and your sins
are forgiven! Love you guys with all my heart!!!!!!! Sellado Con
Besos, Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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