Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Letter 9 - Hola!

Hola Familia!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY MOM!!!!! I love you so much and I thought about you all day long! I kept telling people it was your birthday I have so much to say about this week!!!!

For starters... Elder Roach, one of the Elders that shares our rama area, reminds me SO much of Brexan Koerner. haha He kind of looks like him and all of his mannerisms are the same

Men whistle and blow kisses at my like literally 50 times a day. And if they know any English, they try to speak to me in English. It is usually something like "Hello pretty woman" haha I have started saying "Gracias!" while I keep walking after they hoot and holler.

The other day we were walking in San Mateo Central and I saw this woman, and I smiled and said "Hola Hermana" and she said come to my house! So, we went to her house and taught her the first lesson. My companion asked her why she invited us to her home, and she said because I had smiled at her and said hello! You never know how far a simple smile and hello can go! So, smile often and say hello to everyone!

On Saturday night, we had our ward cultural night. It is like a big talent show. I sang "I feel my Saviors love" with Elder Toleafoa. It was so good. He sang the first verse in Spanish, I sang the second verse in English and then we combined in Spanish for the third. I have a video Im going to try and send today.

On Saturday we were on our way to the church and some teenage boys whistled and blew kisses at me, and I said my usual "Gracias" and the next thing I knew they were throwing rocks with slingshots! I have welts all over my body! It hurt really bad.

Dad! I got your DearElder! Here is the deal, I get them once a week at District meetings! Hand written letters are nice, but, send me dearelders too! It is always nice to get them!!!!
Can you send me Sarah and Rob, Heather and John, James, Kayla Goodson, and Janae's addresses? I want to write them.

We ate lunch at a members house on Wednesday, and there were ants in my food! I ate it anyway. People here feed us all they can afford.

Presidente Bautista came to Companionship study and then our lesson with Juan on Friday. President Bautista told me that he was really impressed with me as a teacher and that my Spanish is coming along great!

We asked Juan to pray specifically about his baptism date for this Saturday. When we saw him yesterday, I asked him about it and he said that he hasn't received his answer yet. I know he knows it is true! I think he is expecting some kind of vision or something. But, I asked him, I said "Juan, why do you keep coming to church, activities, and meeting with us? It is because it feels good. That is the spirit telling you it is true!" He just looked down at the ground. I know he will be baptized eventually. But, it is a BIG step!

Oh! On Thursday, we had finished teaching a lesson to Edelmira and when we walked out there was this really old lady crying. She is a mute. She doesn't have shoes! We asked her what was wrong, and she kept pointing at her hip! So, we called the Elders and they gave her a blessing! Then she stopped crying! It was awesome! We walked her home! She walks really slow and with a cane. When we got to her "House", we were sort of talking loud and she kept motioning for us to be quiet and kept motioning like someone was going to take us! It was really scary! We got out of there quick! Then Bryan, our ward mission leader said that we shouldn't go into that part of town at night time by ourselves because of the dronas (Thieves) it was creepy.

So, my companion has this calendar, it is one of those ones where you tear the day off everyday. It is in English and has a bunch of inappropriate jokes on it. She always asks me what they mean haha it is hilarious.

I am sick everyday, I get rocks thrown at me, I eat food covered in ants, and I have NEVER been happier. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know it with all my heart more than anything else. I just finished the Book of Mormon. It is truly the word of God. I have realized that When I am in my comfort Zone, there is no growth, so I am happy to be out of my comfort zone. I am learning to trust in the Lord and I am growing more than ever.

I love you guys so much! Sellado Con Besos!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough


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