Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter 11 - Murcielago​! (bat!)

Hello my beautiful family! I love you SO much!!!

This week was so wonderful! Heavenly Father loves me a lot! Yesterday I hit 75 days in Guatemala! That is SO crazy! I cant even believe it! 

I have started doing this meditation thing when I say my prayers. I think you guys should try it. It is really cool to see the spirit work. I ask Heavenly Father a question, and then I ponder on my question and write down everything that comes to my mind! It is so awesome! I have recieved so much personal revelation!

Also, Dad! I think it is great that you are reading the Book of Mormon is Spanish! If you read it all the way through, I promise you will be fluent in Spanish once again! It is a promise from God. They told us that if we read the Book of Mormon all the way through, we will be fluent!

Tuesday night a ward member went to Xela and brought us back McDonalds! ahhhhh! I was so excited to have normal food! haha the food here is pretty wild! But, it was good to have a Big Mac! 

Wednesday Our Hermana Zone Leaders did divisions with us just in the morning. Our Zone has a goal of 12 baptisms this month. If we have 12 baptisms, then we get to go do a session in the Temple! ah! I really really REALLY hope we meet the goal! We have four people that could possibly be baptized this month, so hopefully the rest of our zone can make up the rest. The hermanas came with us so that they could help us solitify our fechas for baptism. You need to get the dates at the end of the month so that you can work hard during the month towards that date! I was with Hermana Gonzalez. She told me that she has trained 3 North Americans and that my Spanish is better than theirs was when they first started! It made me feel good. She also, told one of our investigators this after we invited her to church. "It is like a delicious cake. If you never taste it, how will you know it is delicious? It is the same with the Church, if you never taste it, how will you know it is delicious?" I thought that was great! It is SO true! If you dont try something you will never know if it is a good thing or a bad thing, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is definitely the BEST thing. It is where all of my happiness comes from! We also had a Zone Conference. It was cool to see and meet other missionaries! They are all so awesome! We watched a video from Elder Holland. One thing he said that I really liked was " Missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience! How could we think this is easy when it was NEVER easy for him?" Missionary work is hard, but, when times are tough, I just think of my Savior, things were much harder for him. Then that night we had a Branch activity. I gave the opening thought and sang I know that my Redeemer lives in English. My companion was mad, because I made us leave after thought. They were going to watch a movie and in the hand book it says we can only watch church movies. Sp, when we left, I said why dont we call our zone leader and ask permission if you really want to stay. haha so I called Elder Reinhold and he said that it is not allowed lol I told him that I sometimes have trouble with my companion not being obedient and he said "Who will be judging you? God or your companion?" He advised me to just keep being an example and working hard! 

Thursday we were teaching one of our new investigators, Alisea. She works in San Mateo but lives in a different mission. She gave us free fries once, so we started teaching her. haha we found out that she was going to be baptized saturday! She had been meeting with the other missionaries! LOL 

Friday, this explains that title of my email. At three in the morning, I woke up to noises! I was super scared because I thought people were in our house! But, I knew I was just being silly, so I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to just help me go back to sleep. But, I kep hearing noises for about 45 minuites! Then I heard a really loud noise! SO, I jumped up and practically got in bed with Hermana Madrid and said "Hermana! Personas en nuestra casa!!!" haha Hermana Madrid said "Que?" haha and kind of irritated got out of bed turned on the light and opened the door to our room. Meanwhile, Im saying "cuidado Hermana! Cuidado!" haha she goes into the other room where we study and says "Que personas en nuestra casa? Que personas!?" haha taunting me a bit! and then out of no where a big black thing flew over my head! I ducked and then ran into our bedroom and shut the door! Meanwhile Hermana Madrid is still in the other room! She ran out of the room turned off the light and shut the door! haha it was a Murcielgo or a bat! haha I said Hermana! We need to call the Elders! haha but, then we realized the phone was in the room with the bat! lol so she bravely got the phone and we texted the Elders. They came over at 630 in the morning and caught the bat! haha it was so wild! 
The bat

Saturday, this woman Nancy told me my pronunciation in spanish is better that Elder Roachs and that my spanish is better than Elder Toleafoas in general haha It isnt true. LOL 

Sunday, we sand prelude music before church. We were super depressed, because we always go to pick up our investigators before church. we had 7 that were suppose to come, but, none of them were ready when we went to get them. Juan came to church. He always comes. We were super sad that none of the other came! But, then! about 10 minutes into Sacrament meeting Antoni came!!!!! I was so happy! I cried when I saw him! If you guys could pray for Antoni, that would be great! He has a desire to be baptized, but he has school on sundays! But, I promise him saturday night that if he would go to church instead of school that he would be blessed, and he came! He will hopefully be baptized on the 21st! He said he loves me a lot because I dont know spanish, but, he can really tell that I want the gospel for him more than anything. 

"There is no more compelling work than this, nor and which brings greater satisfaction" 

I love you guys! Remember who you are! and remember the Lord loves you!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

The Quetzaltenango Temple

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