Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Letter 33- Buscando El Mejor (looking for the best)

Hola mi familia fabulosa! Les quiero mucho! Espero que ustedes tenian una buena descansa de trabajo y escuela!

This week was so good! Time is passing by so fast now. I feel like my mission is slipping through my fingers! This month I have 8 months. That is so weird! I remember when I got here and I met Hermana Call for the first time. She had the time I have now and she is going home in Febuary. I wish I could be a missionary forever.

El Lunes in the night we were walking and we saw one of our investigators, Osman. He was drunk. He was pointing at us with his hand.. but, like a gun! He grabbed my companions arm and I was screaming ¨Hermana! No! Corre!¨I ran to the nearest house, which happened to be the house of a member and I started pounding on the door. And I said Can we please come in! This drunk man is grabbing my companion! It was so scary! I was practically crying! jaja

El Martes we had our reunion de Zona. We played Mafia to start it off. It reminded me so much of the Flanders ward. jaja I miss them. We heard that the church came out with a new rule that sisters now have the option to serve 2 years if they want. This really hit me.. I am learning and growing so much here and never want this progression to stop. When we first heard this I thought to myself.. Yes! I am going to extend for two years! But, then I thought that I should probably pray about it. So, I was sitting at my desk, and I started to pray. I said ¨Heavenly Father, If you want me to serve 2 years. I will do it. But, I need to know that you are listening to my prayers!¨Then right after I just opened up my scriptures to a random page.. I opened up to Doctrina y Convenios 35:3 ¨Behold, verily, verily I say unto my servant Hermana Bullough, I have looked upon thee and thy works. I have heard thy prayer, and prepared thee for a greater work.¨ I took this as my answer. That God doesnt want me to serve 2 years and that He has something greater for me to do when I get home. I know that Heavenly Father hears our prayers and answers them. He is the best. Then in the night I had the oportunity to hold baby rats!

El Miercoles nothing really big happened.. but, in the night time we were walking and one guy turned to his friend and said Ă‹ste canchita es tan hermosa. He said this white girl is so beautiful. Usually people say groserias.. So, that made me feel good haha I just kept walking!

El Viernes HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We had interviews with Presidente Smith in Xela. He told me that there are no hard areas in a mission and that EVERYTHING just depends on our faith. He said ¨Do you have the faith to baptize every month?¨ That really got me thinking! I think I have the faith. He told me a story about two families that wanted to move into a town. The first family went and talked to the mayor and said we are thinking about moving into your town. What are the people like? and the mayor said Well, what were the people like in your last house? and this family said oh we hated them! They were terrible people. and the mayor said I think you will find the same thing here. Then the second family came and said to the mayor We are thinking about moving into your town. What are the people like? and the mayor said Well, what were the people like where you lived before? and they said we absolutely loved them and we hate to leave them. I think it is the same with missionary work. There are good and bad people every where. But, they are ALL children of God and He loves them. It really is weird to be a missionary. I am a represenative of Jesus Christ and I love all of these people and I dont even really know them! That is a miracle. He told me to forget everything that I think I know about being a missionary and then really try to figure out what being a missionary is. Then in the afternoon we were walking and a bunch of teenagers were in this tienda and they were all whistling and saying Canchita! We were pretty far a way from them... so as a joke, I flipped my hair and they all went wild jaja like animals. Seriously. Hermana Garcia taught me a song that goes like this "Que bonita soy, que bonita soy, como me quiero ahhh, sin mi me muero ahhh y nunca me olvidare" haha I will let you use google translate for that. It is hilarious. I was singing it all day! Then at night we were with a member and we passed by the house of Otelia and Odaniel and he was drunk and told us that he doesnt ever want us to come back. It made me so sad. I thought for sure he was prepared by the Lord for baptism.

El Sabado we went to the house of a street contact and we have started doing this thing to contact.. we say that we just want to play UNO with them. When we asked her.. she seemed a little bit unsure.. but, let us into her house. So, we played UNO with her and by the end we were laughing and talking! She said that she has mormon friends. She told us to come back this next saturday.. So, we will see what happens! Then at night we went and met with Gissela. She is Bien calidad! She asked us why Jesus Christ had to die for our sins.. and we shared some scriptures and chatted about it for a bit and she said Whoa. I asked my pastor that question and he didnt know! She said that she has had a pretty rough past.. but, for about a year now has been going to the church evangelical. But she said that she has never felt the way she feels when she is with us in her church. Whoa! She said she is going to read in the Book of Mormon and come to church next week! I am so excited!

El Domingo after church we were walking in the street and I said hey to some teeneagers walking and one of them said to the other "Me saludo!" jaja I thought that was so funny! Then a recent convert of different missionaries told us that she and her husband hadnt been paying their tithing because she didnt want to. Her husband did though and she said they always argued about it. But, she said recently she decided to start paying her tithing.. and she said they are now making double what they were making before. I know that when we pay our tithing we are blessed. Sometimes we put our umbrella up and block blessing that Heavenly Father wants to give to us.

Being a missionary is definitely hard.. but, I just thinkn to myself "God helps me" and then I have peace. Mitzi Tolman told me that It is our job to try to be who God knows we are! I love that so much! We are ALL children of God. Our worth is great!

Dios nos ama a todos! Se que la iglesia de Jesucristo es en la tierra hoy. Tenemos la plenitud del evangelio aca!

Con amor,

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough





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