Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 34 - Siempre hay bendicione​s!

Hola mi familia tan chula!

This week was hard. But, I am learning so much! I am learning patience and love!

I will start off with two funny stories that happened this week. The first one happened Monday night. We needed to call the zone leaders for something, so my companion was calling them and when they picked up she decided she wanted to play a joke on them. So, she said Hey! I am a little worried because I can't find Hermana Bullough and I am with an Hermana of our Rama right now... but, then suddenly the cell phone turned off! It wasnt charged! jaja So, then we started to freak out! We needed to go find a charger so that we could tell them we were just kidding! Luckly we found one like 10 minutes later and called them. My companion was almost in tears! and the San Mateo Elders showed up and said hey, the Zone leaders are looking for you! I guess the Zone leaders were freaking out and were calling other leaders to try to find us! haha The Zone leaders were really mad at my companion LOL

The second story happened a few days ago. I was in bed... and Hermana Garcia was getting ready for bed. She walked into our study room and turned off the light and then walked back into our room and then into the bathroom. So, while she was in the bathroom I quickly got out of my bed and ran to the other room and turned on the light and then went back to my bed and pretended to be asleep. I just remember listening to Hermana Garcia leave the bathroom, she took a few steps and then did a huge sigh of shock! haha Then it was silent for like 10 seconds.. Then she said Hermana Bullough? Hermana Bullough? HERMANA BULLOUGH! haha and I said Huh? What? acting all sleepy and tired and she was like did you turn on the light? and I said what are you talking about? haha then I started to laugh.. but, my poor companion was almost in tears.. I guess that stuff really scares her a lot. But, I thought it was hilarious! LOL

I keep getting the impression Let it Change You. I know that this experience can change my life.. but, only if I let it. I think that means that I just need to work so hard.

On Thursday we were walking to a Cita in the morning and all of the sudden we heard something EXPLODE and then a bunch of people just started running at us! It turns out that the police were throwing bombs at the people because they have been protesting and blocking the streets a lot! We just saw policemen holding big shields walking in a line throwing bombs! I looked at my comp when the people started to run towards us.. I said Hermana Run!!!!! so we started running and then went a different way to our cita. haha We probably should have gone home after that.. but, I was really excited for this lesson! And it was SO good! We got two new investigators! Abigail and her husband, Mario! They are great! We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ and they had SO many questions! They said they were going to come to church on Sunday, but, then we called them the night before and the morning of and they said they couldnt.. aw man! Then we were locked in our house all afternoon.. but, had a noche de hermanamiento at 7 so we left for that! It was good! I played a game where I taught them 3 words in english... Then I would call out the word and they would touch that part of their body and we had judges that would see if any one was wrong and then they would be out of the game! It was fun!

On friday we had our Zone meeting and played Mafia to start out again! It was so much fun! Then Hermana McGill gave a talk and she said We belong to Eternity! I loved that so much! We DO! We belong to eternity! We just need to pass this small exam!

Saturday we had divisions with our leaders! I was with Hermana McGill in La Esperana! It was so much fun! I love her! she goes home in just one week! I am going to miss her so much! She has been such a great example to me!

On Sunday I gave a talk on the importance of a temple recommend. I was told 5 minutes before it started.. I vageuly remember mom telling me a story about one of our ancestors.. so, I dont know if this is true or not.. but, I said it in my talk haha I talked about how one of my great grandpas was in Utah and his brother was still in Missouri and a lot of bad things were happening to the Saints.. and The guy in Utah was sitting at his table one night when his brother appeared to him and he said Brother! I thought you were in Missouri?? and his brother said No! I already died.. but, I am only here to tell you that you need to do my temple work.. So, I dont know if that is true.. but, I used it in my talk haha We had an investigator named Irma in church! That was great!

I love you guys so much!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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