Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Letter 24 - Deja que el Espiritu te ensene

Hola mi familia preciosa! les amo muchisimo!

Well, Martes we found new investigators! Serjio and Ladrixa! The spirit was SO strong! They are the cutest couple! They just got married 4 months ago! 
Noche de hermanamiento

Miercoles we were looking for our investigator Ingrid and her dad answered the door and started yelling at us! He told us that if we were going to teach the truth that we were welcome! haha so, I asked him if he believed in the Bible, and he said yes, then I asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ and he said yes.. then I said and is that not the truth? and then he went off yelling about how we teach the truth differently.. oh boy! Like my companion would say.. ya no tiene salvacion! jaja Then we went to visit Serjio and Ladrixa and they read in the Book of Mormon! They had a whole list of questions for us! they were progressing so nicely! Also, we had Noche de hermanamiento and the daughter of hermana Caren is CRAZY. she is just a little bit of a brat... haha But, Elder Tolefoa had chips and this little girl asked him for them quite rudely.. so Elder Toleafoa said no. Then she started spitting and hitting Elder Tolefoa! so, I said no! then she started spitting and scratching me! So, my companion grabbed her by the arm and dragged her across the floor and hit her head on the door (on accident!) to bring her to her mom! Well, Caren was pretty mad at my companion... whoops!

Jueves we got to go to Xela because my companion needed to have an eye appointment to change the prescription in her glasses! So, that was fun! Then we taught Serjio and Ladrixa The Plan of Salvation! They were progressing so nicely! I shared an analogy about All State choir my senior year. I talked about how it was a great honor to be selected into this choir, and that I had a few months to learn the music, but didnt prepare like I should have. And I talked about how when I was standing in the line to be tested.. I was so nervous! and when I entered the room.. I tried to pass the test.. but, couldnt and the teacher looked me in the eyes and told me that I couldnt enter because I wasnt prepared. I compared the preparation part to earth life and how we need to prepare while we are here. I talked about how we dont want to be nervious standing in the line waiting to meet with our Savior. and I talked about how we cant fake it to make it because Jesus Christ already knows it all.. and when we dont pass the test.. he is going to look us in our eyes with tears in His and he is going to say I am so sorry.. but, you werent prepared and you cant enter. The spirit was so strong and they were definitely thinking so hard! 

Viernes Jaky called us crying in the afternoon because her family is being really hard! So, we shared a video with her and talked about how she just needs to serve them and endure. The spirit was so strong! But, after, we went home because my companion was really sick!

Sabado was really hard... everyone rejected us. Especially when we went to visit Serjio and Ladrixa and they told us that they couldnt continue meeting with us because they believe in their church.. It was so sad.. I cried. Then we had dinner with an investigator named Gabriela. After that we wanted to try to stay out until 930, so we were going to go visit a less active member... but, I had a REALLY weird feeling... so we went home at 9 instead of 930.

Domingo We went to go get Jorge and Jaky for church... and they told us that TWO MEN WERE MURDERED ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE LESS ACTIVE MEMBER THAT WE WERE GOING TO GO VISIT AND THAT THE MURDERER GOT AWAY! I am so grateful for the Spirit. If I hadnt been in tune with him.. we could have been killed! Miracles happen everyday and our Savior really does love us so much! 

Also, a girl in the rama here just got back from her mission in Mexico and she says that Braden Hurst was her District leader. Small world. OH and Jaky finished the Book of Mormon! whoo!

Les amo con todo mi corazon! Remember to always be one step ahead of Satan!

con amor,
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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  1. I love Natalie! I also love her passion! That picture of her surrounded by all of the little kids is one of the most adorable things I've ever seen!