Thursday, September 3, 2015

Week 71 - Donde Hallo El Solaz?

Hola mi querida familia!

I love you guys so much! I feel so blessed here in the mission!

This week was CRAZY!

Tuesday we had consejo de lideres. We were in Xela all day long! It was so tiring! But, I love listening to President Smith. He is such an inspired man. He told us that on the 25th of this month we are going to have a multi mission conference with the mission Rehu! I am so excited! I think President Nelson will be here. It has to be someone big because they are combining the missions. I think I will see Cameron Smith!

My companion says I talk in my sleep.. in spanish.. that is cool!

On Wednesday I was sick all morning in bed. In the afternoon we left to work. I got a call from one of my converts in Chiantla. She said that she will be having her baby on monday (today) and that they are naming her after me! They are going to name here Natalie Pamela! I thought that was pretty cool. I want to try and come out in June of next year because so many of my converts will be getting sealed. I definitely want to be here for that!

In the evening we went to visit the familia Figueroa. I was feeling kind of down and Harick (The youngest) Said "Hermana Bullough, sabe que?" I said "que?" Y el dijo "La quiero." It was really cute. I got teary eyed.

On Thursday we went to the temple with our zone! I love the temple so much! This time I went with a specific question and I could just feel so much peace while I was sitting in the celestial room! I love the temple! I cant wait to go every single week in one month! We were a little embarrased this day because we had to be in the terminal at 530 to meet up with our zone. We set the alarm for 4 in the morning.. but, when it went off, I accidently turned it off instead of putting it on snooze! We woke up at 545 to a call from our zone leaders... They said "Where are you guys?" We told them we were on are way.. but we werent! I didnt even shower! I look so bad in the pictures! BVut, the temple was still so good!

I love the mission so much! There are so many people waiting to here the gospel and I just think it is so cool that I get to be working this job full time! I know that God lives! I know that this is His gospel!

Hermana Bullough

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