Thursday, September 3, 2015

Week 72 - La Misión es Calidad!

Hola familia!

I love you guys so much! Time is flying by. I will only be a full time missionary for 3 more weeks. I am proud of what I have done and what I am doing and what I will continue to do in these next three weeks!

On Saturday we had a broadcast with President Nelson. He was suppose to be coming here tomorrow, but they cancelled it last minute :( So we got to watch him on tv while he was in Honduras. He is really cool! I like him a lot. He talked a lot about marriage.. which I thought was weird because we are all missionaries jaja

He said pay attention to how your mission president and his wife respect eachother, love eachother, and love the Lord. He said that if the man we want to be our future husband isnt a full tithe payer then you cannot marry him. He said if he is not going to be faithful and honest with the Lord, then he will not be faithful and honest with you! He said the Plan of Salvation is the plan of Happiness and happiness comes from marriage and family! He also said that we need to make sure our future spouses love the Lord more than they love us, because if they love the Lord more, their capacity to love us will be even bigger. My favorite is when he said "Make sure you marry someone worthy of you!

In the conference a story was told by President Duncan about when he was on his mission. He said that he was with his trainer for 8 months! They taught a family of 4 and baptized the mom and the two kids, but the dad didnt want to because he smoked and drank a lot. But, 22 years later, Pres. Duncan got a cll from one of the kids he had baptized and he said that his dad had gotten baptized a year earlier and that they were about to enter into the temple to be sealed for the eternities. I thought that was cool. President Smith told us that we wont be able to see the fruits of the people we baptized until 10 or 20 years have past. Because we will see that their children are active and serving missions and their grandchildren... That is going to be so cool.

President Nelson said that our mission president and his wife will be our best friends forever. He said we need to let them know when we get married, when our converts go through the temple, and when grandchildren of converts enter the temple.

But, my favorite part of the whole conference was at the end when he left a blessing with our missions. He blessed us to:

To be true disciples of the Lord
To be an attraction to the people
He blessed our families that they will be drawn closer to the Lord by my devotion
He envoked a blessing of health and strength in my mind and body
He blessed us with safety on our missions so that we can return home and continue to be missionaries.

I love the Lord and my only desire is to serve Him. I am not perfect, but I am sure trying to be. One thing President Duncan said was Yes or Yes. I love that. You can always ask yourself a question.. Are you going to be a disciple of Christ? Yes or Yes. The answer should ALWAYS be yes. I love my Savior. I want to be like Him and I want to do what He asks of me.

I hope all is well back home!

Hermana Bullough

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