Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 68 - Hola!

Solo quiero empezar mi correo con FELICITACIONES JAMES!!!!!!! Que bueno que se graduó de la universidad! Mama! Papa! Ya llevan dos! 3 mas!

Les amo tanto!

This week was a great week! I absolutely love being a missionary! I really cant remember what life was like before the mission. Being a missionary IS my life. I dont know what it will feel like to sleep in one day or even talk to a boy! That is a scary thought.

Martes we had our zone meeting. The assistents came! It was fun to see Elder Bryan again. He was my favorite zone leader that I have had.He really cared about us. After the zone meeting we went on divisions! I got to go on divisions with Hermana Peña. These were her last divisions! She will be finishing her mission next week! Along with my mom, Hermana Madrid. Wow. She is my first companion to go home! All of my other companions still have a long way to go! Hermana Peña is muy buena. Her and I will be friends forever.

Recently I have been learning a lot about Jehovahs witnesses. There are so many here in Cerrito. I have learned quite a bit of scriptures that help me combat against them.. but with love! jaja

Marycielo, Keitlyn, and Youri will be baptized the 8th of August! Harkin cant be baptized yet because he is only 6. They are so great! Marycielo invited us over to her house for lunch on Saturday and while we were eating she looked at me and said "We cant drink Coffee, right?" I loved how she asked me like she was already a member! Her brother also will be getting baptized, but not until the 21st of August. They come to church every sunday and they all bring their books of mormon. It is so cute! jaja

I got to see Meet the Mormons yesterday because I had an idea... There is no movie theater here in Huehue..SO.... We are going to have a movie night in the church! There is a radio in our area, and the lady who owns it is a member. They are going to announce our activity every day like 4 times a day. We are going to put huge banners outside of the church. and We are going to give invitations to everyone! I guess they did something like this in Xela in one ward and more than 70 investigators came! I want EVERYONE in Cerrito del Maiz to know about this activity! I want them to be excited about it. I think this will help us a lot! But, we saw it yesterday because we showed it to the ward missionaries so they can help us announce the activity.

I love being a mormon! I am so proud! I know that this is the church of Jesus Christ. I know it with all of my heart! I want everyone to have and know what we have and know! So many blessings are in store for those who truly have desires to serve Gpd and those around them. If I have learned anything on my mission, it is that my only true and real desire is to serve God. I love Him and I love all that He has done for me.

I love you guys!

Hermana Bullough

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