Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 69 - Correremos hasta el fin!

Hola Familia!

Happy 1st Birthday to Carter! The little guy is growing up!

This week went pretty well. We had quite a few challenges, but nothing is holding us back!

On Tuesday we had our district meeting! Hermana Peña gave her last testimony! It felt weird! I am going to miss that girl so much. Who would have thought that all of my best friends would live in Central America? After the meeting I went on divisions to Las Flors. I was with Hermana Martin, she is HILARIOUS. I am so grateful that she will be here with me for this last change.

On Wednesday when I got back to my area, I was really achy in my body. I just thought it was because my body was tired. We were walking to a cita with Marycielo and her kids. When we got there and were sitting down... I started to feel really cold! But, everone else was hot. Then I started shaking and tears were falling from my eyes. I couldnt walk. A member came and got us and brought us back to our house. Then another member and his wife came over and the hermano started to freak out! They took my temperature and I had a temperature of 103! They told my companion to call the nurse, but, I told her no because I am a little bit embarrased about all of the health problems that I have been having recently. So the member called her and was freaking out! So, I ended up talking to her and they just tld me to take tylonel and try to sleep. The nurse was a little bit irritated that I didnt call from the beginning because the hermano made it sound like I was dying! jaja

I seriously thought I was going to die. I was in bed sick all day Thursday. It was really boring. I kept trying to sleep but I was just too sick.

Viernes we worked. I still did not feel good. but, we did our best. When we went to see Marycielo and her kids, all of her kids had made me get well soon cards and Harick, the youngest kid said that he saw a shooting star so he wished that I would get better. He was excited to see that it worked!

On Saturday we had stake conference at night. We were going to bring Marycielo. She had to bring her four kids because there was no one to watch them! So, we walked quite a ways to the church only to find that all of the lights were turned off and that no one was there! It is because we thought the stake center was in this building, but, it was actually in a different building ;( So, we took them to Dominos because there werent any more buses to go to the conference.

Domingo we had stake conference. President Smith talked. That was fun! I love him.

Today I went to the doctor to get checked for parasites again. whoo hoo.

I know that this work is real and that Gods angels are working with us!

Love you guys!
Hermana Bullough

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