Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 65 - Los Milagros Existen.

Mi querida familia!

I know that Heavenly Father loves me. I know He listens to our humble prayers. I know miracles are real.

This week something really sad happened.

On Tuesday my camera was stolen from me. I will tell you how it all happened. But I know God lives.

On Tuesday morning we had a zone meeting and I was taking a ton of pictures because we were doing some role plays and they were hilarious! So, I know that I had my camera in this moment. After our meeting we went back to the house to do a companionship study before lunch. There we also took a ton of pictures. I was sure that I put it in my backpack before we left. We then went to the Bishops house to eat lunch. They had another commitment, so they left us alone in their house to eat.

After lunch we went to our investigators house. She was going to be baptized the 18th of this month. We were washing her dishes and she put our backpacks inside of her kitchen. I am positive that that was the moment when she stole it. It is funny, because at one point her daughter that is one years old had a strainer on her head and I thought to myself "I want a picture" but, I decided not to... I think it is because the spirit was trying to tell me to go get my camera. But, I didnt listen.

After teaching them, we left and went to another appointment. In this appoinment we were taking water out of a well, and I wanted pictures! But, when I went to get my camera, it wasnt there. I didn't want to freak out in this moment. I said to myself "Don't worry Hermana! Your camera is in the house!"

But, that night when we got home, we destroyed our house looking for my camera! It was NO WHERE to be found! I just started to cry and went to bed. I had 500 pictures on my camera. I started praying that day that God could make a miracle happen. I promised Him that I would work harder than ever before if He would just help me find my camera. Also, Hermana Lopez told me that one time she had a wallet go missing from an investigator's house...

On Wednesday we called the hermana and she said that she didnt have it. We also went to her house in the afternoon and she said she didnt have it and acted really worried.

Thursday we went to her house and when she opened the door, she said "Do you feel better today?" and I said no then she said "Dont be like that!" Rude.

Friday she called us and told us that she needed to talk to us.. but, when we got to her house it was only because she wanted to talk about her baptism!

I was SO frustrated and sad this whole week. I am sure that my companion was so annoyed from my complaining! Everyone was.

On Sunday, when I took the sacrament, I prayed that Heavenly Father would help me feel peace through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. When I took the sacrament, I felt fine! I even bore my testimony about the experience!

Then today in the morning, I called hermana Lopez to see if we could meet up in the internet so that she could pass me the photos that we took while we were together so that I would have some of the memories. The timing was perfect for everything.. SERIOUSLY. Listen to this. We were going to go in the afternoon. But, Hermana Lopez called me in the morning and told me that they were only going to go in the morning because their zone was going to have a zone activity.. So, we had to go in the morning. When we got their, they said lets go upstairs to do it right now before the elders leave us... so when we got upstairs, our investigator was sitting on the couch in the internet. We went to go say hello to her. I honestly was a little bit annoyed with her. But, she said that she was just waiting for her sister. So, we sat down.. I looked at hermana Lopez and said "Do you think they sell cameras here?" and in that moment, she got up to go talk to the man in charge of the internet.. I thought that was weird. So, when she came back and sat down, I said Hermana Rodriguez will you come with me to see if they sell cameras here? When we got up, she followed behind us! She tried to distract us.. she said "Look at these cameras that they have over here!" But, then I looked at the guy and I said "Hermano, has someone tried to sell you a pink camera?" He got all nervous also. Then I SAW MY CAMERA. It was on the floor behind him charging! I said
"That is my camera!" I said, "Who tried to sell this to you?" and he told me that our investigator had tried to sell it to him! My companion said that it was like a soap opera. When I turned around, she was behind me.. and I said " Hermana, did you try to steal my camera?" then she started to make a bunch of excuses.. I asked her where my memory was and she said that she didn't have it. I said "Hermana, I will not be mad. I just need to know that you have my memory." Then she just started to cry. She said they she needed money desperately.. so she stole it. I forgave her and she said that she has my memory in her house.

I know God lives! I know that He planned everything perfectly! I know He loves me!

On another note, I just want to advise everyone that they should prepare themselves spiritually and physically. When Elder Perry said at the beginning of the year that this would be the year that would change everything, I think he was talking about the gay marriage being legalized. I think it will be like a domino affect. Brothers and sisters, The dominos have started to fall and there wont be much time until the last one falls.

I love Heavenly Father! I believe in Magic and Miracles!

Hermana Bullough



A little 4th of July luncheon


Just like home. :)

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