Saturday, June 6, 2015

Week 61 - Odio Perros

Hola mi querida familia!
There are so many dogs here in Cerrito and they all hate us. I think I have almost been bitten like 10 times at least! We always have to put are backpacks in front of us so they can bite the back pack and not us. It is so scary when they are going crazy. I will never have a dog in my life. I promise.

I got to go on divisions with Hermana Gibson this week in Las Flores. It was so mch fun! She is a really good missionary. We got to put some baptisimal dates with some of their investigators. We also went to McDonalds. It was so good. I miss that place.

So, I really NEVER write in my journal. So, sometimes I have no idea what to write to you guys. So this is just from memory. We went to visit a Menos Activa named Carmen. When we walked in she just bore her testimony to us that she knows the church is true. She said that she even wen through the Temple, but, then after her husband died, she got married to a Catholic guy and that he doesnt let her go to church. She old us not to come back aain because she doesnt want him to offend us. Then we prayed with her. I could tell that everything she said was so sincere. I know God loves her and that he will be merciful.

I got to cut Glorias toe nails this week. sick. haha I will send a picture. She is the one that is blind and deaf.

Also, Amparo go baptized! She was my investigator in Chiantla. I asked President if I could go and he said no.. I was so sad. But, I am grateful that she made this covenant with God.

I love being a missionary so much! It is so much fun to be such good friends with the spirit. I love the gospel. I am grateful for the Savior and for the sacrifice that He made for all of us.

Sorry this is so short. I will try to write in my journal this week so I can have more to say.

Con Amor,
Hermana Bullough

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