Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Letter 60 - Las Llaves Perdidas!





Hola familia!

I just want to start off by saying FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, MAMA! I am so sorry that I didnt say anything last week! I forgot while we were in the internet and then spent the whole week thinking about you and how sorry I was that I didnt say anything last week. I hope you will forgive me ;)

On Tuesday we had a zone meeting and Hermana Lopez and I had to teach. It was fun. We taught about finding people to teach and repentance. A lot of people think that repentence only comes after commiting a huge sin, but, we should also repent for the things that we are not doing, for example, reading The Book of Mormon every day. That is one of the commandments of the Lord, if we are not doing it, we need to repent and start to take heart. After the meeting, I got to go on my first divisions! I got to be with Hermana Martin in Las Flores. She is HILARIOUS. We spent most of the time just laughing.

On Wednesday Hermana Lopez and I went to go visit one of the families that we are teaching and they were working on their poso. It is like a water deposit inside of their house. They were digging this HUGE hole and there was this big pile of dirt in their house. They were movig the dirt outside about 50 feet away. So, we knew that we werent going to be able to teach them.. so, we remembered that a bunch of young men were playing soccer in the church, so we went and got all of them to come help us move this dirt. It was so fun and I know that this family was really grateful. They will always remember the service that we rendered for them.

On Friday we had a leaders meeting and after we all went to go eat at Monte Alto. Elder Perry is our zone leader. He is related to the other Elder Perry You know, like one of the 12 apostles! He said that in January of this year a couple of the apostles and their families got together and that Elder Oaks said that this year is the year that will change everything. He said that everyone needs to be ready. Physically and Spiritually. We need to have 72 hour kits and food storage. As you can imagine, mom and dad, that freaked me out quite a bit. I had a lot of anxiety on Friday and could not stop shaking! We went to lunch with all of the leaders.

After Lunch, Elder Rojas y Elder Robelo came to our area to visit with one of our investigators that has a date to be baptized! Anyway, we were walking in the street and saw one of our friends named Lilian, She is deaf. And she cant read and she doesnt know actual sign language. She just made up her signs when she was little because she grew up in a place where it didnt exist yet. Anyway, she looked really worried and kept making hand motions.. We found out that she was looking for her keys! That they had fallen and she didnt hear them fall! She was almost crying. So the elders and us prayed and we started to help her look for them. We looked for like 20 minutes and couldnt find them! We had to go to our appointment, so we left her. She was so sad and we also were sad! Then the next day we were walking in a totally different place and the keys popped into my head! It was obviously the spirit! So, I prayed in my head and said Heavenly Father, t would be so cool if thou could help us find Lilians keys so that she is happy. and then I saw them!!! It was so cool! I know Heavenly Faher hears and answers our prayers every time! She was so happy when we returned them to her! Hermana Lopez and I are starting to learn her signs so that we can teach her. We show her
pictures and she tells us how to say the word.

Today I recieved the first part of my coming home! I had to feel out a huge paper about where I will be returning, what are your names and whole bunch of other stuff. It was weird. Today one of the girls in my zone said that one of her investigators asked her why she cant speak spanish and hermana Bullough can. It made me realize that I have been here forever. It feels like just yesterday that I was really worried about spanish and about the mission. I just wanted to hug her and tell her that it will come.

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints is the true church. I know I say it a lot. But, I really do know that the church is true. I have a conviction that it is. I am so grateful to be a member of Jesus Christs church. It makes me sad that more people cant see that it is true.

I love you guys so much. Read the scriptures, Pray, go to the temple, have family home evening, do everything you can to be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ. He comes quickly.

Con Amor,
Hermana Bullough

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