Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Week 62 - Afferate a la barra de hierro

Hola mi querida familia!

This week was super good!

On Tuesday I got to go on divisions with Hermana Nield in Prado. Ot was super fun! She came in my group with me! We will be going home together! It was fun to see how we have grown here.

On Wednesday we had a zone meeting. It was SO good. Elder Zelaya and Elder Perry gave talks. They are our zone leaders. Every friday we have a meeting with them and we have been trying to get our meetings more spiritual and more focused around the Atonement. Usually when we get to the chapel we stand around talking and laughing until everyone gets there. This time we walked in and a video by Elder Holland was already playing. Everyone was sitting down watching it reverently. Then Elder Zelaya gave his talk about how Christ is the reason for everything. He did an activity with us where we close our eyes and he reads us events from the life of Christ. At the end we all shared our testimonies about what we felt. It was beautiful. After Elder Perry talked about putting our trust in Christ and using His Atonement. It was beautiful. We all left from that meeting wanting to be better.

Right after the meeting we did another division because President wants us to do 2 divisions with every companionship 2 times a change. So, I stayed in Cerrito and Hermana Martin came with me. She seriously is HILARIOUS. We always just laugh the whole time.

On Thursday we had a big day planned! In the night we had an iron rod activity. It is something that I would LOVE to do as a stake activity when I get home. We went to the chapel at 2 to set up everything. It took us FOREVER. We put up obstacles and chairs all around the church! Then we tied a rope all around the church until it got to the sacrament room. The people had to pass through 4 rooms of temptations and they are blindfolded and can only listen to the spirit (The elders). In the first temptation room we had a pizza. The other sister missionaries would put the pizza up to their faces and a lot of people ate it and fell off of the rope. The second room was a halloween roon. It was just meant to be really scary. Then we had a dance party room and a video game room. It was fun! We had like 150 people there and only 10 made it to the sacrament room! When they entered they were in darkness and there was a white tree with white light and it was beautiful.

On Friday Jesse and Kelsy had their baptismal interviews! We were looking all day for baptisimal clothes for them and even went to my old zone in Calvario to get some from the zone leaders there... Well, when we got to the interview with the district leaders, we found out that she had already bought baptism clothes! It was funny! After the interview we ate crepes with them! It was so yummy! I know how to make them now, so we will have to eat some when I get home!

On Saturday, Jessy and Kelsy were baptized! It was wonderful! They were so prepared! I love them a lot. I know that this was the best decision that they could ever make in their lives.

On Sunday we almost put a fecha fija with Dani. She is so close. She should be getting baptized on the 20th of this month. We always have really spiritual lessons with her, I just think she is scared.

Today we havent done much! We are going to eat lunch with Claudia! I miss her so much! It will be good to see her again. She actually came to the iron rod activiy.. so that was cool.

I love you guys so much. A few nights ago after I had prayed and was already in my bed, I cried. I miss Chiantla so much and I know I am going to miss Cerrito just as much when it is my time to go home. I never thought I would understand this feeling. Where you leave your heart in two places. I will definitely be leaving a huge part of my heart here. I know God loves these people. I love these people. I love this gospel!

I love you guys so much!

Have a great week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Bullough

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