Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Letter 59 - Montaña Del Maiz




Hola Familia!

I gave my email this name... because Cerrito means little hill.... but, here in Cerrito del maiz we are climbing mountains!!!! haha So, I thought they should change the name to mountain...

Wow! This week has been crazy! I havent even had time to write in my journal! My companions name is Hermana Lopez. She is from Mexico, but she speaks perfect english. She is so cool! She was with hermana Call when I was in San Mateo. WE were in the same zone! Itis nice to be with a companion that you already know and love. We got to avoid the awkwardness that happens at the beginning of every new companionship.

On Monday I was running around saying goodbye to everyone! Hermana Leonor cried so hard! It was sad. Really a lot of the members cried. I had five changes in San Mateo and just four in Chiantla.. but, I felt a lot closer to the members in Chiantla. I think it is because I could actually understand what they were saying. I love them so much. I can see Chiantla from Cerrito. I have seen members from there a couple times also.

We went to Xela in the morning on Tuesday to drop off Hermana Marcheschi and pick up the new companion of Hermana Arellano. We didnt get back to huehue until like 4! It was such a long day!

On Wednesday we had our zone conference! It was so fun! Hermana Lopez and I arein charge of 3 companionships of hermanas! I get to go on divisions with them once a week! It will be so much fun! We got to stay after the zone meeting to have another meeting with the zone leaders and the district leaders. It was fun to see all that the leaders do for the missionaries. We even planned a leader fast and a lot of ways to help out the zone!

On Wednesday night... I threw up ALL. NIGHT. LONG: It was terrible. I thought I as done being sick here. Thursday morning, Elder Perry came and gave me a blessing. Right after the blessing, I was HEALED! But, I felt so good that I decided I was going to eat a brownie and some cheetos... well, guess what? I got sick again from that haha I dont know what I was thinking!

On Thursday we went out to work in the afternoon.. I was dying... but, I knew that God was going to bless me.

I love Cerrito. It is so nice here! The members are great! It is a ward.

I will send pictures next week. My camera was full from saying goodbye to everyone... so, I couldnt take pictures!

I love you guys so much!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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