Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Letter - 48 Lo permite que le cambie

Hola mi querida familia!

This week has been crazy!

Last monday we had a really cool experience. We have been doing this thig where we go to all of the houses of members in our ward and share a message and then ask them to think of 15 people of families that arent members of the church and that live here in our area. Then after we have the list, everyone has a copy of all of the names and we all kneel down and pray to ask for the guidence of the spirit to help us pick those people who are ready for baptism. Then we all pick 5 names. Anyway, so we went with the family Tello to do this activity and 6 of the 7 people there chose the name of one girl named Marisol. So, we had the activity last monday. But, in the morning we were trying to think about what we should teach her in this Noche de Hogar.. My companion told me that before her mission she had seen a video about a violin that was really beautiful. But, we only have a USB filled with random mormon messages and such that the mission gave us, so I told her that I doubted that it would be on the USB... but, the second video we looked at was this video!!! I think it is called the hand of the teacher or something like that... but, we decided to teach her that! When we finished the video she started to cry, literally was balling! She said that on sunday night she was praying asking Heavenly Father to show her what she needed to do with her life and that in the moment she finished her prayer, Brother Tello knocked on her door to invite her to their family home evening. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of us and that He listens to our prayers when we ask with a sincere heart ready to obey.

On Tuesday after our Zone meeting, the secretaries called us and said HEY! You guys need to get on a bus to come to Xela right now because Hermana Arellano and you have to go to Guate to sign her visa. So, we jumped on a bus.. but then when we were almost to the terminal, they called us and said Just kidding! The lady in Guate isnt ready for you yet! Not until Monday! I was a little bit frustrated because we had already cancelled all of our appointments for the day and we were even going on divisions so that we could have 16 lessons with member in one day! I was so excited and we had been planning this for a little while now!

On Wednesday the sister leaders called us and asked if we could go on divisions, but also the secretaries, they said Hey! The lady from Guate just called and she wants you guys to come now! So, I told them that there was no way we could do it because of these divisions and also we were going to be in charge of a misison activity the next night! So, I went to Las victorias in Cambote and I was with Hermana Peña. I love her so much! She is the best! I am always so inspired to be better after changes with her! We got to go to Zaculeu because President Smith was going to be there and Hermana Peña had to renew her Temple recomend. I got to chat with Sister Smith for a little bit. I really like them a lot. I also got to see Elder Muse. That was fun! He goes home at the end of this change. He is a really good Elder.

Then Thursday we had a misison activity in the night. It was so much fun! I talked and Hermana Arellano talked. I think we really got the members motivated to help us out! We did role plays with them, and that was so much fun!

On Friday something small, but great happened to me. We were walking through the park, running really late for a cita.. we went running and passed a woman and her four children.. I had the impression to talk to them.. but, we were late.. so I kept running.. but I had the impression again, so we turned around to go talk to her and we found out that she is a member less active! I was really excited that I could recognize the spirit to guide me to her.

On Sunday we had so many investigators come to church! I was so excited! We had 15 people in Principles of the gospel and the other youth were in their classes. Also, when I was in Relief society, a member tapped me on the shoulder and said that a couple was looking for me.. So, I left and when I entered the lobby, I saw Hermana y Hermano Vasquez from San Mateo! They came to visit me! I guess they had something going on in Huehue and decided to come say hi to me while they were there! I am so grateful for them! I started to cry when I saw them! It was a great moment! Then Hermano Fabian dropped us off at the terminal so that we could catch a bus to go to Xela! When we got to Xela, they explained everything and we were on our way! We got to the capital at about 830. We met up with a guy that works for the church named Hector. He was so cool! We went and ate dinner at McDonalds, I felt like a really big sinner eating mcdonalds on a sunday being a missionary and all jaja. Then he dropped us off at a hotel. The hotel wasnt that great, but that is okay! It was only one night. Then next day (Monday) we went to the church office of Guatemala to wait. I was with a missionary from Rehu while my comp and her comp went to sign their visas. While we were waiting, I started talking to some elders that know Zack Rucker. He is in their misison. So, I wrote him a little letter and asked them if they would deliver it to him. That is so cool that we are in the same country, a country that is smaller than Utah. haha The other girl from Rehu had problems with her visa, so we missed the bus that we were supposed to take at 1230 to go back to xela. They finished at 230 and the next bus was going to leave at 3! But when we got there, there was no room! We ended up leaving at 4 and got to Xela at 830. We ended up having to stay in another Hotel in xela! Then left in the morning at 8 and got to huehue at 1045. We went straight to our zone meeting. It was great! haha

I love you guys so much. Thanks for the example that you give to me. I know that this is the work of salvation and that it is real! i know that Heavenly Father loves us and He has faith in every single one of us!

I love you!
Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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