Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter - 46 Con fe en cada pasol


Que tal? Como estan?

This week went by so fast! This transfer went by so fast! I cant believe that we are already half way through the training program of my second hija! Everyday just gets faster and faster! How sad! And I am sorry that today you wont get pictures because the internet that I am in doesnt have a way to download.

In the scriptures we learn that Charity is the pure love of Christ. This is an attribute that I am really trying to develop right now! On Tuesday I gave one of my favorite people here in Chiantla a pair of cute pink shoes, Her name is Yona. When I gave them to her she started to cry and gave me a hug and started to tell us about a bunch of the challenges that she is having right now. I am grateful for this experience because through our acts of kindness, we develop trust. I think we would have never known her needs if we didnt exercise the christlike attribute Charity!

One thing I learned this week is that the way were are isnt a weakness, it is a gift from God. We all have challenges, but, we are also children of God. He created us! We can do everything with His help!

I know that I still have a really long way to go.. but, my mission is changing me. I am learning so much. Before my mission I always said I knew that the church was true.. and I did. But, now I have a conviction that the church is true. I know this more than anything else! The church of God is so organized! God loves us!

se que Jesucristo vive. esta es la cosa mas importante que he aprendido aqui en Guatemala. El vive porque yo he visto los milagros que viene de El. Se que El Libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios y que juntos con la Biblia contiene la plenitud de Evangelio eterno. Se que Jose Smith fue un profeta llamado por Dios y que el realmente vio nuestro Padre Celestial y Jesucristo cuando solo tenia 14 aƱos. Tal vez no se todos las cosas, pero yo se que Dios tiene un plan para cada uno de nosotros porque El nos ama mas que nosotros podemos comprender. Creelo!

I love you guys so much!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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