Monday, July 28, 2014

Letter 18 - Estoy Embarasada

Hola mi familia maravillosa!

Pues, God has a sense of humor haha Let me explain the title of my email... I AM PREGNANT with a 19 year old! haha That is right. I just finished my training... and now I am going to train. 

Last Monday we went to this huge horse stable. It was super fun! We have an investigator there! Her name is Vicki. She is 16 and pregnant! She told us that she doesnt want to get married... so that will be a struggle... but, we will get the spirit to touch her heart, and then I know she will want to be married and baptized.

Tuesday we taught Maximina. She is the CUTEST! haha she has 84 years. The first time we taught her, she accepted our invitation to be baptized... But, then before our second visit, preachers came to her and told her that she cant be baptized more than twice. So, she was pretty confused. We taught her about baptism. We asked her if she remembered the man who baptized her and she said yes. Then we asked her if she knew how he got the power and authority to baptize. She said from God. and we said How? That really got her thinking. We explained that it is really important to understand the line of authority because we need to be baptized with the Presithood Authority. Then we asked her to be baptized again and she said yes and explained to us after that her first baptism wasnt valid. 

Wednesday we had a meeting with all of the Hermanas in our Zone. We got cool tshirts! After this meeting we taught Filiberto and Maximina. Filiberto is her husbund. We taught about the Book of Mormon. Filiberto is hard of hearing... so when he talks... he talks REALLY loud haha He went on and on about how he is going to read the Book of Mormon every single day! He read the introduction to first Nephi and asked what the promised land was... and we explained that it is here in the Americas and when he prayed in the end. He thanked God that he was able to be born in the promised land haha it was really cute! haha After this we went to go see Jaqui, but she wasnt there. So, we taught her Mother in law. Her husband recently died. So, we taught her the Plan of Salvation. She seemed happy with the plan, then Jorge got home right as we were finishing with Sandra. So, we played uno with him to gain his trust. Jorge is Jaquis husband. He is really hard. He doesnt want to be married. It was perfect that Jaqui wasnt there because we needed to talk to him alone. It went well! Jaqui got home right after we shared a scripture with him and he gave us tamallis. After Jaqui and Jorge, we went to the Familia Reyes. We watched the Joseph Smith movie witht them, and then asked the mom to pray. We all knelt down on our knees and She started to pray... before we knew it... Denis, there oldest son started to laugh so hard... and before we knew it everyone was laughing.. including us! How terrible! haha nothing was wrong with her prayer! It was fine! The 15 year old, Olividio ended up praying. He is super! He will end up getting baptized I think! 

Thursday during Personal Study, we got a phone call! Hermana Madrid answered and Elder Reinhold (Our Zone Leader) asked her how she was and she was a little weirded out like.. I am fine.. what do you want haha then he asked to talk to me. I said Hello!? haha and he said I have an announcement for you! You are going to train! haha I fell to the ground and started screaming haha not in a weird way or excited way... more shocked than anything haha God has a sense of Humor! LOL Oh well! We are the Lords investigators... right? I guess He is trying to teach me something through this process! Then I went on divisions with Hermana Mcgill. She is seriously the best! I am sure she is super annoyed with me because I am always complimenting her and talking about how perfect she is! But, it is so true! We were at a less actives house and one thing she said really hit me! We were talking about how this family needed to go to church. And they started making excuses.. Like we are too busy! and she explained that there are 168 hours in one week and God only wants us to go to Church for 3 of those hours. It was really good for that family! 

Friday we had a meeting in Garibaldi for all of the people that are going to train. There are more than 200 people in this mission and only 20 are training. It is so crazy! I cant figure out why God wants me to train! haha you should here my Spanish... you would laugh. OH haha the other part.. there are 16 north americans coming.. that means that it is pretty likely that I could be getting a North American HAHAHA 

Saturday, I hit 4 months! Time really does fly so fast! 14 more months? That is nothing! Time is running out! I need to work so much harder!!!

Sunday, we went to Jaqui and Jorjes house for Hermana Madrid to say goodbye... and She was bearing her testimony to Jorje and said I hope that one day you will find in your heart to be married to Jaqui.. Do you love her? and he SAID NO!!!! It was so awkward! Hermana Jaqui started to cry! We asked them if we could talk to them in a different room. We asked them what the problem is in there family. and she said that she wants to follow the Savior and be baptized but he doesnt want to get married. I explained to him that marriage is the last thing she needs to baptized. I asked Jaqui what she likes about Jorge, and she listed some things and then I asked him and he said he didnt know. So, then I listed some things like she is kind, pretty, intelligent, and wants to do what is best for her family. I told him that he has something great right now, and if he isnt careful, he could lose her. that didnt seem to bother him. 

Today, Jaqui called us and asked if we could come tonight for dinner because she said she told Jorge yesterday that she was going to leave him because she really needs the gospel. He got worried then and said that he wanted to have us over for dinner tonight to talk about it. 

The mission is SUPER great! I love everything about being a missionary! It is super hard... but, super rewarding! 

I love you guys so much!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough


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