Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Letter 16 - Mi Familia!

Hola Mi familia!

Como Estan?!

This morning was really crazy! At 530 this morning, an earthquake hit! Everything was shaking so hard! It was like in the movies! I was lying in my bed, and I felt it start, and there are little earthquakes all of the time... so I though it just might be one of those. In my mind, I was praying ¨Heavenly Father, Please dont let this be bigger than it is right now...¨But I must have needed this experience... because my whole bed was shaking and all of my lotions and shampoos and such were falling off of the shelf! Hermana Madrid Said ¨Hermana!¨and I got up and ran to the frame of the door! The Earthquake lasted 54 seconds. It was 6.6. 4 people died here in Guatemala close to my home. It was so scary! We then heard screaming! ¨Misioneras! Misioneras!¨and we ran out onto our balcony and Hermana Caren, The landlord of our house, and our baptism this Saturday. We were looking down at her and she was holding her daughter and she was crying and screaming! Hermana Madrid ran into the house and down the stairs. I did too, but then the phone was ringing, so I ran back upstairs! It was the Elders of San Mateo asking if we were okay! Then I ran out to Hermana Caren with Hermana Madrid and Hermana Caren almost passed out! She told us that she had a dream about this and that she knew it was going to happen. She also told us that she knows there are going to be more. The mission and our church leaders here have really been stressing the matter of food storage and how important it is. But, I did not like the earthquake.
I bore my testimony in Church yesterday. I can feel the Spanish coming! I am definitely more and more comfortable every single day!

Oh Dad! Can you register me to vote? The Mission sent out an email asking us to prepare to vote.. but I am not registered.
We had the COOLEST experience with our investigator Jaqui this week. She really has a desire to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized... but, It is difficult because her and her husband arent legally married. We went to her house to teach her a lesson about tithing.. but, her niece answered the door and said that she couldnt because Jaqui was sick. But I asked if we could go talk to her and the niece let us in. We talked to her for a little bit and she said that she felt bad because the day that we had taught her the word of wisdom, she tried to stop drinking coffee, but that night drank it because she had a really bad headache. I think it was because she had stopped drinking the coffee. Anyway, we asked if she wanted a blessing from the Elders. She said yes. So, we called them and while we were waiting for them to arrive, we taught her about baptism. We had the feeling that it was necessary at this time for her. We taught her and she said she is willing to do what ever it takes to be baptized. I told her that if she continues praying in Faith for George that his heart will be softened. When the Elders got there, we explained that blessings of healing only work through the power of Faith. Elder Toleafoa gave the blessing and said a bunch of things that Hermana Jaqui really needed to hear. I especially liked the part when he said ¨You aren´t feeling well right now. You have pain in your body, in your head, and perhaps in your spirit. But, do not let these things drag you down! Through your faith everything is possible.¨ Immediatley after the bendicion Hermana Jaqui started to cry. She said Ï dont have any more pain in my head and body¨She was crying so hard! I started to cry! The Preisthood is so true! I have such a strong testimony of it.
When thing the President of our Branch said this week was There are 5 things that we NEED to do to be successful in this life. Personal and Family prayer everyday, Personal and Family Scripture study everyday, Go to Church every sunday, partake of the Sacrament, and have Family Home Evening every week. I know that if we do these things, we will be able to have a forever family. I love you guys and want you forever.

I love you guys so much!!! With all of my heart!!!


Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

p.s. I met the new mission president, President Smith and his wife. They are so awesome! I love them so much! They will be great!!!!!!
I also got to go do a session in the Quetzaltenango Temple! I did it in Spanish! It was so awesome! This Temple is the most beautiful Temple I have ever seen! 

I love you guys!


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