Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter 12 - Mi Familia!

Hola Familia! Como Estan?!

I love you guys so much! 
Counrtyside of San Mateo, Guatemala

So, Monday we were at MaryLous home, she is a Menos Activo, and her mom offered us food. In my head I kept saying "no! no!" but, it is rude to deny food from people here. The food was COVERED in flies. We had tortillas with salt and warm water with sugar. Que rico! I was pretty sure I ate a parasite! haha speaking of parasites, I have one! I called the nurses because I was having some problems. So, I got put on a white diet. I didnt actually get tested for the parasite, but they want to take precautions! Fun!

Wednesday we had Zone meeting! I love Zone meeting! It is so fun to see other people! It was Elder Roachs last Zone meeting of his mission! He bore his testimony! It was great! It is so weird! He is leaving and I am just starting out! I am such a baby in the mission! haha I got a hand written letter from Sister Gregerson! It was so nice! I love her! Tell her I said thank you and that I loved it! Tuesday night we taught Juan for the last time. President Bautista told us to drop him because he wasnt progressing. It was really sad. He is more active than some of the members! We can continue to invite him to things, but, we cant teach him anymore! 

Thursday We taught Jaquelyn. She is seriously the best! She is SO nice! She always tells me how great my spanish is! It really boosts my confidence! 

Friday we always have lunch with Hermana Flori. She is seriously like the mom for missionaries here in San Mateo. Her daughter returns from her mission tomorrow! Anyway, I was pretty quiet because I couldnt understand what they were talking about. haha then Bryan (Our War mission leader, son of Flori) said whats wrong? and I said "Espanol es tan dificil!" and got teary eyed haha It was funny because then Hermana Madrid and Hermana Flori started to cry! LOL The Elders laughed really hard! haha

Saturday was great! I was feeling really good with Spanish! We rode on the back of a truck, just hanging on for dear life haha but, Saturday night, we were teaching this woman Marcella. She is really old. I was just sharing a scripture, and she started to laugh REALLY hard! The hardest ever! She kept saying you dont know spanish! it was so rude! I cried LOL I gave the scripture to Hermana Madrid to finish haha
Natalie's Apartment

Sunday was Hermana Madrids birthday! I love having a companion with a birthday, because I felt like it was my birthday too! haha EVERYONE fed us! I was really considering balimia for a moment so I could not feel like I was going to explode! haha We had 5 investigators at church! FIVE!!! I was so excited!!!! They are all pilas! Elder Roach spoke in church because it was his last sunday. He talked a lot about faith and how we need to work hard and have faith in order for the faith to work! I can learn spanish! I know I can! I tsught Gospel P¨rinciples! I found out during Sacrament meeting haha needless to say, I had a lot of help from the other missionaries! After Church we ate lunch at the Velasquez home! It was so awesome! They had a cake for Hermana Madrid! I love her! She is awesome! We had a meeting in the church after, and I put a listerine strip in my mouth. It was hilarious because then everyone that was sitting around me asked for one and they didnt believe me that you could eat them. They dont have them here. They were like cavemen! haha it was funny! Then we went to more members homes and ate cake and food and too much! haha

but, really, I love Guatemala so much. I am growing so much! Learning spanish is hard, but, with God, it is possible. There is a scripture that I love in Jacob 6:5 it talks about how we need to cleave unto God like he cleaves unto us. God CLEAVES unto us! Whoa! He really does care about us and he answers our prayers. My mission will bless me for the rest of eternity. It is helping me become a better person. I am grateful that I get the opportunity every single day to share the Gospel with the people of Guatemala. I know that my Savior, Jesus Christ lives. Every time I get frustrated with the language or something else, I always remember that the Savior experienced my exact pains and that I can use the stregthening power of the Atonement anyday. How many churchs are in the world today? uncountable! Most of them believe in the bible... like us, but, we also have The Book of Mormon. Heavenly Father gave us the Book of Mormon so that we wouldnt be confused and the Book of Mormon truly testifies of Christ. Anyone who reads just the first page can know that it is of God.
The Mountains near San Mateo

I love you guys with all my heart and I think about you all of the time!

Con Amor,

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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