Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Letter 22 - Hola Familia!

How are you guys?!

I love you guys so much! I think about you guys and pray for you guys every single day!

So, usually when I come to write my letter to you guys I have my journal to help me remember what happened this week.. but, I forgot it! So, I am going to do my best to remember everything!

Elders with Jaky
On Wednesdays in the night we have this thing called Noche de Hermanamiento. All of the ward members come and the missionaries teach a short lesson and then we play games. This week we taught about following the prophets! You know the song How can I be? well, there is a version in Spainsh that is super great! We played that song and it was super spiritual! 

On Thursday I was really really sick and was throwing up all day long. ew. But, Hey! I went two months without throwing up. So, it was all good!

Natalie with Sister McGill
On Friday I was on divisions. I went to Esperanza with Hermana Gonzalez and my comp and Hermana Mcgill stayed in San Mateo. Hermana Gonzalez and I were looking for people to teach in the night and we couldnt find anyone! So, we said a prayer... and then I saw a house and my heart started pounding a bit. We knocked on the door and it turns out that one of her family members just died! We told her that God has a plan for us and she told us that she wanted us to come back and teach her! It is super cool to see the spirit work through me!

Saturday in the night we went to the familia gaspars house. She is a menos activa... but, is starting to come back to church. She told my companion and I that we are the reason that she is starting to come back because she found trust in us and wants to be better. It was super cool!

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Also, did I tell you that we found one of our Menos activos? She lived in a different part of our area.. but, one day we showed up at that house anb}d it was abandoned! Welol, we found her! She is 15 right.. and she is pregnant! Her dad beats them and has another family somewhere... but, we think that the baby might be her dads.. she wouldnt tell us.. but, it is super sad! She said she couldnt go to church this sunday becasue she didnt have shoes.. so we went and bought her some.

Natalie with Elder Shoemaker and Sister Call at Wal-Mart
We picked her up for church sunday. Her little sister came with us! She is so cute! haha we gave her this dress.. because she doesnt have any clothes... and she wore these beat up tennis shoes with it to church... it was super cute and sad. But, she was super happy.

I got told right before sacrament meeting that I was going to speak in church. I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me.. and he did! I spoke on Trying to be like Jesus and Christlike Attributes. My companion told me that I only messed up on two words.

Remember the man that fell in the street with a bloody face and all? Well, Sunday we were in that same neighborhood.. and we were both waiting to enter the residencia. So, we started talking. and he said that we could come to his house. Yeah right were we going to go there alone! haha so, we brought to men from our branch. The lesson went well and the guy is super nice! We invited him to be baptized and he said that he really wants to change.. but, that he needs to pray. So, we will see what happens! His face is still really beat up from his fall! 

Natalie at Wal-Mart
We taught Barbara this week too! She is really progressing. After her baptism she changed a lot! She is REALLY active in the church! So, is Caren and Jaky! They just got called into the Branch Young womens presidency! That will be super good for them!

We got to go to Walmart today! The new president changed the rules a bit! We cant go whenever we want.. but, we can ask permission! whhoo!!!

I love you guys a lot! Remember to follow the Savior every day and in every way!

Hermana Natalie Paige Bullough

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