Monday, March 31, 2014

Natalie's 2nd letter - YOU will prepare to preach the Gospel in the Spanish language.

Hola Familia!!! So, it would be a safe bet to write on Sunday nights
from now on- because they never really tell us when things change haha
We found out on Saturday that we were writing on Monday instead. We're
going on a Guatemala tour tomorrow because all of the Latinos are
leaving and they want us out of the CCM. Entonces, let me explain the
title of this letter! My companera, Hermana Mckee, is REALLY good at
Spanish. She took 5 years of it and remembers everything! I love her
to death! But, I often get pretty discouraged because in lessons I
never can spit out what I want to say- and she can talk forever! Plus,
they don't really teach you Spanish, they just give you a book and
expect you to learn it on your own! Entonces, after a long day this
past week- I was feeling pretty discouraged and went into our room and
I knelt down and began to pray. I said "Heavenly Father, I am pretty
discouraged." I explained everything to Him and told Him how I was
feeling. After my prayer- I got this overwhelming feeling that the
Holy Ghost will be my teacher and that He is the best teacher there
is! I just need to trust in Him and do my part and then He will help
me learn the rest. It was so comforting! I just need to remember that
a Prophet of God assigned my mission call- and in that call it says
"You will prepare to preach the Gospel in the Spanish Language." The
Lord trusts me with Spanish! He knows I can do it! Si se puede!!!
Sundays here are my favorite day! It's a nice break from being cooped
up in one class ALL. day. long! Hermana Cox talked about Enduring to
the End in Relief Society! It was such a great lesson! In Doctrine and
Covenants 14:7 it says "And, if you keep my commandments and endure to
the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all
the gifts of God." The desire of my heart is to live ETERNALLY with
those I love. Entonces, if you have anything going on that needs to be
fixed- fix it! The price has already been paid for us! He did His
part- let us do ours! I love you guys so much and would love to spend
the rest of eternity with you. Heavenly Fathers opinion is the ONLY
one that matters. Ooh! We learned about Captain Moroni this week and
how valient he is! Our teacher said that "If every man were like
Captain Moroni- the gates of Hell would tremble." Whoa! I thought that
was awesome! "Whereever thou art, do well thy part!" I love this
quote! It is seriously so true! Wherever we are- we should be doing
our best. Elder Holland said "Everyday ought to be the start of a new
year and a new life." We can start over EVERY SINGLE DAY! Heavenly
Father will love us no matter how many times it takes to repent. The
Temple is beautiful here! Last pday we went and did a session! It is
kind of small- but, so beautiful! It is right next door to the CCM. We
all rejoice when we get to leave the gates- sometimes it kind of feels
like a prison here... but, in a good way! haha A lot of us feel like
we're still in America- just because we haven't really left here- but,
tomorrow we will! So, it is really humid here! We take two showers a
day! It hasn't rained yet- but, Hermana Burbidge (The nurse) said that
once it hits may- it pours every single day non stop! That should be
fun! I'll be out of the CCM by then! Hermana Santos, Hermana Vave, and
Hermana Rodgers are leaving this week to their mission field! They are
in the same mission as Erica Moore! I've grown so close to them! It
will be sad to see them leave! The CCM is great! I LOVE the food here!
My stomach is still kind of adjusting- but, all is well! Entonces,
Presidente Cox is really big into baptisms. Baptize, Baptize, Baptize
he says! It gets me excited! He said that there is no reason for us
not to have 60 baptisms a month as a companionship. That's awesome!
The gospel is so true! The Lord is truly hastening His work! Mom! You
are so beautiful! The other night I was pretty sick and couldn't
sleep! I was wishing that you were there to snuggle with me! But, it's
okay- just thinking about you made me feel better! Every Sunday night-
all of the NorteAmericanos get to go to Presidente Cox and Hermana
Coxs home! They give a little "Family Home Evening" It is so much fun!
One thing that Presidente Cox told us was "Every time you bear your
testimony- the Lord will forgive all of your sins" I though that was
so interesting! Our testimonies are SO important! We need to be
sharing them always! We have the most important thing in the world! We
need to be actively sharing it with other people! Presidente Cox told
us that every morning when we wake up- we need to say "I'm going to be
the best missionary ever!" then do it. Entonces, this morning I woke
up and said that! I feel like I can conquer the world!!!! Remember
that our daily decisions determine our destiny! Entonces, Choose the
Right and be your best! Always! You know how everyone always says
"Every member a missionary"? Well Presidente Cox always says "Every
missionary a member" I LOVE this! It makes me think about how we need
to constantly be trying our best- because we are STILL members of the
church trying to be better every single day! The Lord is our teacher
and we are His investigators! Don't be afraid to ask Him questions! I
promise you He will answer them! He loves us so much! Lets talk about
the importance of the Sacrament- THE SACRAMENT IS SO IMPORTANT! I
always took the Sacrament for granted. The Sacrament is AWESOME! "And
always have His spirit to be with us" We are promised the Spirit of
the Lord when we partake worthily of the Sacrament! How awesome is
that?! It also gives us the chance to repent of our sins! How great
should be our joy! I've only been here for 13 days! My testimony has
grown so much! I want you all to know that I know The Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. I know it with all of my heart! I
know that Thomas S. Monson is our Prophet today and that he is truly
guided by the Lord to guide us. If you don't know these things- go ask
the Lord- I promise you He will answer your prayers! I love you all so
much and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about you!

 Sellado con besos,
 Hermana Bullough

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